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Garden garden do it yourself: 135 photos of ideas, all new articles from handicraft materials for home and summer cottages

The times when country possessions were six hundred, each centimeter of which was planted with vegetables and fruits long gone into the past. Now they are used not only for garden work, but also for rest. More comfortable to rest if everything is in its places. Create the perfect garden of the garden with your own hands is not difficult.

Caries treatment at home - folk remedies against caries

Treat the teeth from the dentist is scary, and their services are too expensive - these are the main arguments of those who practice the treatment of caries of teeth at home. There are sage, garlic, propolis, camphor, sandpaper and even prayers. EdartSmile editor has figured out what else is being treated at home, whether such therapy is effective and to which consequences it can lead.

How to change the password in minecraft on the server what to do if you forgot the password in Minecraft how to restore

Players in Minecraft are famous for their gambling and storage of many things. This is not counting what buildings and mechanisms they create. Anyone, even a novice player will be annoyed to lose everything he has. It may happen due to the bath on the server or grinding (permit), but most often loss of access to the character. Fraudsters and hackers in different methods recognize or pick up passwords to player accounts and assign them to themselves. Of course, the ban and griffers can be avoided by playing honestly and following the safety rules, but the attackers are more serious with attackers.

Sex faq.

Anilingus or Rimming is the stimulation of the anus language. Known this kind of caress for a long time, but for various reasons not all couples prefer them to do. Most often, men and women consider it something dirty, dangerous, shameful. Nevertheless, the anilingus may be incredibly strong and pleasant sensations. Today we decided to dispel myths around such affection and tell about them in more detail.

Food and Health

The lymphatic system is part of the vascular system of the human body. It performs some of the functions, participates in the process of metabolism, works as a cleansing and protective mechanism. The lymph nodes and ducts system transports proteins and tissue fluid from the interstitial space into the blood vessels, tolerates there alone from the small intestine. In the space of the lymph system circulates liquid - lymph.

Ionistors or supercapacitors of high power: how to make with your own hands - spark gas

To date, rechargeable technologies have moved significantly and became more perfect compared to the past decade. But still, so far the batteries remain consumable, because they have a small resource. The idea of ​​using the condenser for the accumulation and storage of energy is not new and the first experiments were carried out with electrolytic capacitors. The capacity of electrolytic capacitors is significant - hundreds of thousands of microfarades, but still it is not enough to feed for a long time, although not a greater load, there is a significant leakage current caused by the design features. Modern technologies are not in place, and the ionistor was invented, it is a capacitor, it has a super-wide capacity - from units of Farad and up to tens of thousands of Farad. The ionistors with a capacity of Farad Units are used in portable electronics, to ensure uninterrupted power of low-voltage chains, such as a microcontroller. And the ionistors with a capacity of tens of thousands of Farad are used in conjunction with batteries for powering various electric motors. In such a combination, the ionistor reduces the load on the batteries, which significantly increases their battery life and at the same time increases the starting current, which is able to give a hybrid engine power system. There was a need to power the temperature sensor, so as not to change the battery in it. The sensor is powered by the Battery of the AA size and turns on to send data to the weather station once every 40 seconds. At the time of sending the sensor consumes an average of 6 mA for 2 seconds. There was an idea to use the solar panel and the ionistor. Based on the identified characteristics of the sensor consumption, the following elements were taken: 1. Solar battery 5 volt and current approximately 50 mA (Soviet production solar battery for about 15 years) 2. Ionistor: Panasonic 5.5 volts and a capacity of Farad. 3. Ionistors 2 pcs: DMF 5.5 volts and a total capacity of 1 Farad. 4. Diode Skins with direct voltage drop at low current 0.3 V. Diode stamps is necessary to prevent the discharge of the tank through the solar panel. The ionistors are connected in parallel, and the overall container is 2 Faradays. Photo 1.

How to turn off Beeline TV - free to abandon your mobile TV on the phone (smartphone)

When making a number of tariff plans from Beeline, mobile television is automatically provided, but not every subscriber uses this service. Disable Biline TV on the tablet or smartphone any user can independently. To abandon the viewing of the content, you can send a request, call the operator or go to your personal account.

Fire actions: Instruction and rules, how to behave employees, employees and the head of the enterprise.

The bulk of people with fires rarely faces. But when a fire suddenly arises at the enterprise, many are simply lost. A panic arises from this that leads to victims. Therefore, at all objects regardless of their destination, the employees are developed by the instruction in which it is clearly described in detail, as it should be conducted on a fire in a particular building or structure. That is, fire actions (the instruction is the basis of these actions) should be clearly worked out.

43 photos than to shoot at home, remedy

A woman always seeks to improve what nature gave her. In particular, this refers to such noticeable details of appearance, as eyes or lips. Always I want these already expressive features of the face even more spectacular. You can emphasize their beauty in different ways, but most women go along the way more - it means better and choose the procedures for building eyelashes or nails, lip increments, etc.

All ways to check iPhone on authenticity

Unfortunately, not many can afford to purchase a new iPhone due to high price tags due to the increased ruble exchange rate. That is why the iPhone is often purchased from hand, for example, through ads on Avito and other sites. Only so lucky, as a rule, not to all buyers, and some people simply acquire high-quality fakes, which look outwardly as an original iPhone, but they are not inside. What to do in this case, you ask? How to check the phone on the originality? In fact, a large number of ways that will be discussed in this article.

How to enable and configure 3G Internet on android or iPhone

After you connect any tariff for mobile Internet (through the official website of the operator, the personal account in the application or USSD command), you will need to configure the connection on the phone. First, you need to provide smartphone data to connect to the operator network. Secondly, choose the communication standard (2G, 3G, 4G).