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A decisive role in creating a perfect figure as a mass set and slimming, play exercises with burdens, for example, with a vulture. The most common sports equipment is a bar, which is actively used in the male and female training. There are several types of rods, each of which is designed for specific exercises and goals. Consider theoretical provisions on inventory and practical techniques of classes with a barbell at home.

A decisive role in creating a perfect figure as a mass set and slimming, play exercises with burdens, for example, with a vulture. The most common sports equipment is a bar, which is actively used in the male and female training. There are several types of rods, each of which is designed for specific exercises and goals. Consider theoretical provisions on inventory and practical techniques of classes with a barbell at home.

Varieties of the rod

To competently use the projectile, it is necessary to study its components.

Standard bar

The classic (standard) variant of the rod is a corpus - horizontal metal rod, - on which training wheels with internal threads fixed by fasteners are planned. This inventory can be used in a wide variety of exercises if there are no other options. In the gym there are always two or three standard rods.

Standard bar

Specifications of classic rod: weight, diameters, length

Specifications of the classic rod: the weight of component elements, diameters, length

Olympic bar

The Olympic bar has a number of features that make it more maneuverable. Grying "Olympic" is made of high-quality steel, weight is distributed evenly, the rod has the marking of the region, the rod has high strength quality. In addition, on the rod there are special sleeves, fixed in bearings. Typed characteristics of the projectile: Mass - 20 kg, length - 2.2 m, diameter - 28 mm, sleeves 50 mm. The Olympic rod is most often used in training complexes of professional athletes.

Olympic bar

Types of Olympic Rod: The main feature is to fasten the disks - sleeve + bearing

Rod for Powerlifting

The neck rod for paeerlifting has a larger diameter than "Olympica". When working with a bar, the oscillatory movements practically do not occur. The inventory is designed to work with high weights (the weight of the discs can reach 50 kg).

Rod for Powerlifting

Technical characteristics of the rod and its components for Powerlifting

Groups of types of grys

Vultures that make up the base of the rod may look different and, accordingly, used in different exercises:

  • EZ-vulture - a curved rod that does not climb the brushes when performing French press, lifting on biceps, thrust for triceps due to head.
  • W-vulture is a strong curved rod that allows you to use a straight grip when performing exercises on a triceps and an external beam of the biceps.
  • Trap-neck - design for performing exercises with parallel grip (for example, traction).
Types of griffs

Variety of vultures to perform various power exercises with a barbell

The benefits of the exercise with a barbell at home

Classes with a rod have a number of advantages, among which the growth of muscle mass is greatest. With regular workouts with the muscle projectile tend to develop and strengthen. Not only a force training for men should include various barbell exercises: Women's training complexes, the purpose of which increase the volume of muscles and create a beautiful relief, should consist of exercises with burdens, in particular, with EZ-barbell and classic vulture.

To pump the muscles among the workouts in the hall is impossible even for men athletes, therefore it is impossible to categorically attribute a bar for forbidden inventory. Only if you have health restrictions, you can refuse such workouts in favor of cardio, gymnastics and exercises with our own weight. If your goal is to gain / reset weight, then the bar is one of the best weapons in the struggle for the sports figure for both men and women.

Another advantage of the use of inventory can be considered the acceleration of metabolism, which makes it makes it possible to quickly get rid of excess fat (including subcutaneous - during the period of intensive drying). In addition, periodic exercises with burdens increase strength and endurance, muscles exercise comprehensively and contribute to harmonious physical development.

Male training results




The results of female power training: before and after classes with burdens (dumbbells, rods, weightlifiers)

Complex of effective exercises with a barbell for women and men

For the best result, it is important to choose the right load correctly: if you begin, at first you can use a neck, and it does not matter directly or curve, not a barbell, and perform exercises in 1-2 approaches. For learning, you can use video lessons.

Rods (Grind) Lyzhima for girls and men

This exercise is aimed at working out the thoracic muscles, the muscles of the shoulder belt and the trothed muscles of the shoulder. Lyzhya is developing the chest (makes it wider), contributes to increasing strength and endurance. The exercise is performed from the position of lying on the bench (horizontal or inclined), a rod or neck can be used as an inventory.

Rodes Lözia

Machining technique Roda Lözh: Source position on a horizontal bench

Execution technique:

  1. Lie on the bench, put hands on the bar in front of yourself so that at the bottom point of the forearm parallel to each other and perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Remove the bar from the holders, while the legs are shed into the floor and twist the blades.
  3. With inhale slowly lower the barbell to the chest before the light touch, take a short pause.
  4. Raise the inventory to the starting position on exhalation.

Number of approaches and repetitions: 3 x 8-10 times.



Video instructions for performing a group of exercises for girls with an EZ-shaped barbell

Ranged traction for the back of the house

Ranan traction is aimed at proportional to the development of muscles of hands, legs and backs. The exercise is basic, which means that it should be present in the male and female training, the purpose of which is the development of muscles. Breaking can be done using a classic rod or trap-rod, which is perfect for beginners, direct or reverse grip. Also, this exercise can be performed at home, having a specific training program.


Marking diagram of traction: initial, median and peak stages

Execution technique:

  1. Position the rod (or neck) in front of them, the feet on the width of the pelvic bones, the socks apart.
  2. Lower the housing, rejecting the pelvis back. Spin smooth and under such a slope to the floor so that the shoulders slightly went out of the rod line.
  3. Raise the bar, straightening in the back, chest a little forward.
  4. Take an initial position, first assigned the pelvis and only then bend the knees.

Number of approaches and repetitions: 3 x10-15 times.

Video Instructions: Nuances of equipment performing traction

Rod rods in the slope at home

To train the widest muscles of the back, diamond muscles, trapezoids and the delta, the rod rod is performed in the slope. If you are new to and for the first time, you work with burdens, use a bar with low weights or an empty neck to exercise. The number of approaches and repetitions also depends on the level of preparation: beginner - 3 approaches, 10 repetitions; Experienced - 3-4 approaches, 15 repetitions.

Rod rod in the slope

Proper technique for performing rod rods in the slope

Exercise technique:

  1. Place your legs on the width of the shoulders and slightly bend the knees.
  2. Tilt the back forward (not more than 30 о), while the rod must be parallel to the knees.
  3. On the breath tighten the barbell to the stomach, bending your hands in the elbows.
  4. Hold the bar in the peak position for 1-2 seconds.
  5. Smoothly lower the vulture to the knees.

Video Tutorial: Rod Rod Tilt


Squats with a barbell are also a basic, universal exercise, aimed at a few muscle groups at the same time: large and medium bodies, lumbar and abdomen muscles, quadriceps and biceps hips. It is worth noting, squats with a bar - this is a fairly popular exercise in the female fitness audience. It allows you to increase in the volume of the hips and buttocks: remove subcutaneous fat and increase muscle mass. However, men also need to pay time to squatting with burdens in their training in order to balance muscle growth throughout the body and create a proportional athletic figure.

Appliances Squats with a barbell

Execution of squats with a barbell: Automan muscles when performing exercise, stages

Execution technique:

  1. Put yourself on the shoulders of a barbell or empty neck.
  2. Arrange the legs width, socks expand to the sides.
  3. Take the pelvis back, slowly lower the housing down. The deeper the cried, the better, however, if you are new, do not go too low: to begin with, it is worth feeling every movement of the muscles hips and buttocks.
  4. Slowly rise in the original position, without tilting the back forward, keep it static.

Repeat the exercise 15 times at 3 approaches (20 times per 4 approach for experienced athletes).

Video instructions for performing squats with rod

French bench press (dumbbells)

In French gym with a barbell, one joint is a dock. That is, the movement is performed by flexing hands in the elbow joint. Thus, biceps, triceps and breast muscles are being studied. For men, it is an effective way to increase shoulders, for women - pull the inner part of the hands, get rid of "declarations". Exercise is performed lying on a bench with a barbell or vulture.

Active muscles with french girth


Execution technique:

  1. Lie on the bench, bend legs in your knees and place on the same support.
  2. Take the barrel (or ask the insurer to file you).
  3. Straighten your arms before you, start slowly lowering the barbell behind your head, bending your hands in the elbows.
  4. Then also slowly return the rod to its original position.

Number of approaches and repetitions: 3 × 15

Video Tutorial: Technique and Nuances of Performing French

Rise rods on biceps

Training Biceps in a male training is a central exercise for the development of the muscles of the hands, since the two-headed muscle is an indicator of good physical training and strength. For women, the study of biceps is also needed to make hands and shoulders with elegant-relief and tightened. The technique of performing the lifting rods on the biceps is as follows:

  1. Take the bar so that your fingers are sent to the opposite side from you.
  2. Put the legs on the width of the shoulders. If you use big weights or you initially, it is difficult to exercise, learn to the wall for the support.
  3. Start lifting the barbell to the chin, bending your hands in the elbows, then slowly lower at the starting position.
  4. Follow the breath: exhale - inventory raising, breathing - lowering.

Number of approaches and repetitions: 3 × 15.



Video instructions for the rod rise on biceps

Rod Rods up

With the right technique of retrieving the rod, the work is included in the work, deltoid muscles, muscles of the shoulder belt and trapezium are included. With increasing weight, the muscles of the press and back are activated. In addition to the development of muscle mass, the exercise contributes to the improvement of your posture. If you just get acquainted with the exercise, the bench can be performed with an empty vulture or, for the production of equipment, with a gymnastic stick.

Exercise technique:

  1. Stand near the rod, legs on the width of the shoulders.
  2. Bend to the inventory, capture the vulture so that the fingers of the hands look in your direction.
  3. Raise the barbell on the chest, turning the brush back (palms look up).
  4. Raise the neck above your head, completely straightening hands.
  5. Then lower the barbell to the chest.
  6. After 10-15 repetitions slowly lower the bar on the floor.

The number of approaches can be from 3 to 4, depending on your level of physical training and overall well-being.

Rod Rods up

Stages of the technique of pressing of the press Up: option with a barbell and vulture

Stages of the technique of pressing of the press Up: option with a barbell and vulture

Video Instruction: Rod rise up

Traction rod to chin narrow grip

The rod rod to the chin is another exercise on the development of deltoid muscles and trapezium. The chin craving can be performed in two ways: with narrow and wide grip. A narrow grip allows you to raise your elbows higher by activating the delta. Wide grip - reduces the load from the shoulders and includes the work of the average deltoid muscles, which visually increase their shoulders.

Traction rod to chin

Proper exercise technique: rod rod to chin using EZ-Grope

Technique Exercise for the back and shoulders:

  1. Take the bar in the hands so that the palms look in your direction.
  2. In a narrow hand set, raise the bar as high as possible to the chin, while reducing the elbows up.
  3. With a broad layout, it is not necessary to expand the elbows strongly, it is enough to raise a barrel to the chest.
  4. Keep your back right throughout the exercise.

Number of approaches and repetitions: 3 × 15.

Deltoidal Muscle Video Training: Rod Rod to Chin standing

Faliges with a barbell

Vasses - Basic exercise for legs. But before picking a bar, the technique of attacks should be well honed. Therefore, if you are a novice, first use a gymnastic stick or empty neck. If there is a pitch with a barbell, the muscular focus is created on jagged muscles and quadriceps. In the role of stabilizers: the muscles of the back surface of the thigh, which allow you to retain the balance in the peak point of the lunder.



Execution technique:

  1. Put the bar (or neck) on the shoulders.
  2. Make a step forward with the right leg, straighten your back.
  3. Start squatting on the right leg so that the left barely touches the floor knee.
  4. In the exercise, exclude inertia! Climb in the original position only with the help of the muscles of the legs.

Make 10-15 repetitions for each leg in 2-3 approaches

Video instructions for false rods on shoulders

Human Schawunk

Human shower - this is the bench rod standing, whose feature is in a dynamic performance. Basic working muscles: Front of the thigh, caviar, delta, triceps, big and small berry. Human shower develops the shoulder strength and allows you to gradually increase weight weights. Sveung technique is as follows:

  1. Put the bar in front of you (if you are new, use the neck).
  2. Do not burn back, go down to the barbell and lift it to the chest.
  3. Make a subsemore (fast squats) and push the rod up, completely straightening your hands and housing.
  4. Then again lower the shell to the chest.

Number of approaches and repetitions: 3 × 10.



The best video tutorials on the gentle shower

Training program with a barbell at home

Program number 1 "Block"

Block 1. Hand training.

  1. The bench rod up (3 × 8).
  2. Rod rods on biceps (3 × 15).
  3. French bench (3 × 12).

Block 2. Breast training.

  1. Rod Lözh (3 × 8).
  2. Rods sitting (2 × 10).

Block 3. Foot training.

  1. Squats with a barbell (3 × 15).
  2. Fucks with a barbell (2 × 15).
  3. Ranged traction (3 × 12).

Block 4. Training back.

  1. Rod rod in the slope (3 × 15).
  2. Rod rod to chin (3 × 8).

Program number 2. "Free" with warm-up.

  1. Burpi (5 minutes).
  2. Pressing from floor (3 × 10).
  3. Fucks with a barbell (3 × 15).
  4. Squats with a barbell (3 × 15).
  5. Rod rod in the slope (3 × 8).
  6. Rod rods on biceps (3 × 12).
  7. Held shower (1x7).
  8. Planck (3 approaches for 1 minute).

Exercises with a barbell at home for a large account constitute a basic basis in the power training of girls and men. Therefore, it is important to be able to use the projectile and properly select the inventory to perform complex and sometimes multi-sowing exercises. At the initial stage of training, you can work only with a vulture. Bringing to perfection basic techniques, gradually increase the load using removable disks. Work with additional weights is a direct path to an athletic, proportionally developed figure. In cooperation with proper nutrition, power training will help to quickly achieve high results.

In the preparation of training programs for beginner bodybuilders, in most cases a classic approach is applied, based on three key principles: the use of basic exercises, throughout the body in one workout, the priority of free weights in front of the simulators. Such programs are easily implemented at home. Low equipment of domestic gym in this case is not a limiting factor. Athlete-novice can solve the tasks of the initial stage of workouts with a minimum set of funds. Everything that he needs to occupy is a barbell, a rack, a bench for ceremonies and a pair of collapsible dumbbells. If there are no dumbbells, you can do without them - in many exercises, dumbbells successfully replaces the rod.

A set of exercises with a barbell for beginners

A set of exercises with a barbell for beginners

The purpose of the initial stage of training is to master the technique of working with a barbell and give the first powerful impetus to the growth of muscle mass. The latter is achieved by stimulating the production of anabolic hormones. Maximen as possible hormonal synthesis for only basic exercises. They simultaneously involve whole muscular layers, force muscles to work in full strength of their capabilities, provoke reinforced secretion of testosterone and somatotropin. If in front of the athlete is the task of increasing muscle mass, its trainings should include the following exercises:

Effect: Loads a large amount of muscles, especially the muscles of the back, buttocks and hips. Implementation technique: From the position standing forward, take a rod with grip from above and, straightening, raise it to the level of the hips. It is important to ensure that the back does not take care of all the load. The lifting of the projectile should be carried out due to the tension of the muscles of the back, legs and press. Newbies at first it is better to limit the small weight of the projectile.

  • Horizontal bench.

Basic exercise on the upper body. Effectively loads the chest muscles. Technique: Take a barbell with racks, omit on the chest, squeeze up and linger in a peak point for 1-2 seconds. On the bench you need to settle down so that the stops rest in the floor, the blades were reduced and pressed against the surface. If discomfort is felt in the shoulder joints (burning, pain), it means that it is necessary to reset the weight of the projectile or reduce the amplitude of the movement - not to lower the barn completely.

Used in power fitness for training lower limbs. Effectory technique: Place the bar on the shoulders, place your legs on the width of the shoulders and fall into the sat. Movement down begins with the title dish back - as when sitting on the chair. The body weight falls on the whole feet, the heels from the floor do not come off. At the bottom point of the thigh are located in parallel with the floor, the knees are slightly bred and not put forward behind the stop line. The back is not rounded. Compliance with all the nuances of technology will embarrass from injuries and increases the efficiency of the workout.

Key exercise for a Delta study. It gives the load to the trapezers, triceps and other muscles of the shoulder belt. Technique: Dilute the legs on the width of the shoulders, put a barbell on the chest, to raise it over your head and slowly omitted on the chest. For a more complete study of the plenty belt, you can alternate the usual bench press from behind the head. However, for a comfortable implementation of this variation of the press, you need to have good mobility in the shoulder joints. In the cavities standing should not be taken a lot of weight: first, it is unsafe for the spine, secondly, the heavy weight of the projectile does not allow you to be made with the right technique.

Exercise refers to insulating, but it is often included in the sets of exercises for beginner bodybuilders. Lifts to biceps give a good load with double-headed muscles and a row of muscles forearm. Execution technique: Stop right by holding the rod by the middle grip from below, bend your hands and raise the projectile, bringing it to the chest. In the rises on the biceps it is not recommended to take a lot of weight so as not to provoke the deviations of the body, the backs in the back and the inclusion of the non-target muscles.

In the home set of exercises, you can also add a rod thrust in the slope - to create a powerful back - and French bench lying - for the development of triceps. The abdominal press is being worked with exercises with its own weight. The top segment of the press is trained by curls, lower - legs. Foot climers are convenient to perform on the horizontal bar. If there is no home horizon, you need to lie on the floor and fix the body, starting your hands behind my head and grabbing for some kind of support. In the lines of the housing to increase the load, you can use burden: the disc from the rod is held on the chest or in the elongated hands. Another useful exercise with its own weight - prescript from the floor. Push ups are used to train your chest muscles and triceps.

Fitness at home: Training with a barbell

Fitness at home: Training with a barbell

With independent work with a barbell, a beginner bodybuilder should pay attention to several important points:

  • Every workout should be started with a warm-up.

Gymnastics, stretching, running on the spot, jumping - any simple exercises are suitable. Preheating makes power fitness more secure, significantly reducing the risk of injury. At the end of the workout, a hitch is performed, consisting of tensile exercises. Stretching, made at the end of the training, relaxes intense muscles and reduces post-year pain.

  • Newbies may pick up optimal working weight with a simple scheme: first the weight is taken, with which 6-8 repetitions are obtained in two approaches.

Gradually, the number of repetitions in the approaches is brought to 12. After that, the third approach is added and again the exercise is repeated 8 times in each approach. When the number of approaches is brought to 12, you can add 4 approach and start with 8 repetitions again.

  • Three lessons per week - the most preferred periodicity of workouts.

If you train more often, the body may not have enough time to restore, and it is negatively affected by the growth of muscle mass.

  • The athlete training must correctly organize the power mode.

The main requirement when building the mass is to provide the body with a sufficient amount of protein. The daily rate of proteins for athletes, practicing fitness with burdens, is 2.3-2.5 g / kg of weight. For one meal, a limited amount of protein is absorbed, so it is necessary to eat fractionally, taking food 5-6 times a day.

Stand Exercises: Program Training for Newcomers

Stand Exercises: Program Training for Newcomers

The set of exercises for beginners is as follows:

  • Pour lying - 3 x 12;
  • squats - 3 x 12;
  • The bench press - 3 x 12;
  • Range traction - 3 x 12;
  • Lifts to biceps - 3 x 12;
  • rod rod in the slope - 3 x 12;
  • pressing from floor - 3 x 12;
  • Streparation of the press (twisting, leg lifts) - 3 x 15.

At the initial stage, the composition of the exercises on each training session will be the same. Over time, you can add several exercises with dumbbells with the base complex. It is better to put them after loads with a barbell to refine the target muscles. Thus, the deltoid muscles can be loaded not only by the press of the bar stand, but also by alternate lifts of dumbbells in front of them, the dumbbell wiring in the slope and Mahami dumbbells through the parties. For tricepery training, push-ups are used with a narrow handmaker, lift the rods on a triceps and lifting dumbbells on a triceps in the slope. Lyms lying and squatters are performed both with a barbell and dumbbells.

When adding new exercises, building weight gains and increasing the number of repetitions, it is necessary to organize a training process in a new way. Over time, it is recommended to switch to the split system - a separate method of training, when there are strictly defined muscle groups on different days, for example:

  • Monday - chest, triceps, delta;
  • Wednesday - back, biceps, press;
  • Friday - legs, buttocks, press.

Split method allows you to increase the load on specific muscle groups, without increasing the total load on a separate workout. If desired, you can use a four-day or five-day split. It is recommended to switch to the split system not earlier than 3-6 months of classes according to the Full Body technique (the whole body study is entirely).

As a rule, people greatly complicate fitness. Tell your friends that you want to become stronger, and immediately get much more advice and information than need. We offer a simple training program with a barbell to increase the strengths.


From the need to properly set the body weight at the fans of the carriage sports or the importance of yoga for crossfit before the choice of the most excessive power exercises (which sometimes suggests to do something else).

This article was written completely with another purpose - as much as possible to simplify the process of increasing the strength of the muscles of your body. All you need to get the desired result, that is, finally become stronger, to find just one popular thing that is almost in each gym: bar.

Why rod?

When it comes time to start seriously training, the rod becomes a very efficient friend and assistant.

Of course, this is not the only effective exercise for building body muscles. But if there is a need to acquire a really powerful power potential, you will have to pull heavy iron. For continuous development, there should be a choice of vultures and pancakes of different weights.

The rod simultaneously makes the muscles, joints and work as a whole. This interaction makes it much more efficient to increase strength compared to traditional exercises.

There is a simple rule: the more weight on the grief, the better the improvement occurs. Not bad, isn't it?

It is also well known what the person is stronger, the better for him. The force elementary allows you to live a longer life, and also reduces the risk of diabetes.

Stand Exercises - Big Five

The rods are equally available for men and for women of any age. What is better? All you need in order to become stronger, it is five simple movements. They combine movements. And this means that muscles and joints work as a group as one.

In comparison with the exercises directed to the local part of the body (for example, biceps), the efforts of the muscle group burn more calories and make more efforts in less time. They are also more functional: it is necessary to study how to properly lift a heavy object from the surface or stuck.


1. Squakes with a barbell on the shoulders

A. Put the bar from the rack on the tramp (a wide flat muscle that covers the top of the back and the bottom of the neck). Legs on the width of the shoulders or a little wider. Raise the vulture, the elbows are directed down, the hands forward (should remotely remind the letter "w"). When the buttocks become parallel to the floor, stop for a while, lock the rack. Straighten the hips and return to the starting position.

B. Keep your back straight, the press and hips are tense. Start bending your knees.

Workers muscles : Passed tendons, thighs, buttocks, quadriceps (it is a four-headed muscle).

Rods Lyzhima

2. Rods lying

A. Install the bar on the stand. Lie on the bench in such a way that the rod rod is straight over the chest. Place your hands a little wider shoulders. Raise the barbell and lower it to the breast so that the hands were at an angle of forty-five degrees to the chest (not too dasted on the sides).

B. Holding his wrist straight, push the rod up and slightly backward in the direction of the head. The shell must be over the shoulders.

The greatest voltage in this exercise goes to the shoulders. Buttocks are tense, and heels are drunk to the floor. The position of the legs is so to help the femoral muscles as much as possible.

Workers muscles : Breast muscles triceps, shoulders.

Rod rod in the slope

3. Rod rod in the slope

A. Bend the housing in such a way that the body becomes parallel to the floor (letter "G").

B. Take a chant grip on the width of the shoulders, both palms are directed to the face. Strain the muscles of the press and bend the elbows, pulling the rod to the bottom of the chest. The blades must be moved as close as possible to each other to create the maximum voltage.

Return the barbell in place and repeat the exercise on the second approach.

Workers muscles : Spin

Rodan rod

4. Range rod rod

A. Rod on the floor near the heads. Feet in a rack is a little wider shoulders. Foots of the legs are somewhat arranged. Bend a bit of your knees and hips, grab the grab of a little more wider legs.

B. Strain the muscles of the press and raise the bar, straining the buttocks and hips, and straightening the body back and up.

Be careful - in no case should not bend the knees, and also raise the hips. It is not squatting, hips should be at an angle of about forty-five degrees to the ground.

Workers muscles : Buttocks, hips, popliteal tendons, lower back.

Rods stand standing

5. Rods standing standing

A. Feet in the rack on the width of the shoulders, rod on the clavicle, elbows are directed down, the forearm is perpendicular to the surface.

B. Take the chin a few ago (so as not to get in touch with the neck) and lift the rod up in the position of the straight line, pulling the elbows to the side. As soon as the bar rose above his head or a little back, return the chin in the original position. Repeat movement. Be careful not to burn the lower back at the time of doing this exercise.

Workers muscles : Shoulders, triceps.

Exercises with their own weight

The exercises described below 4 using body weight are also included in an eight-week training program.

1. Thigh of the thigh of one leg

Lie on the floor, knees must be bent at an angle of forty-five degrees. Lift one leg up as high as possible. And then a little taller above. For a more serious load, the upper part of the back can be opened on the bench.

2. Tightening

Take the crossbar inverse grogging (palms to yourself). Tighten

The elbows should be directed to the floor, and the chin should be raised above the crossbar. If it does not work, do not be discouraged! Try ordinary grips and pay more time to pull up exercises.

3. Fucks

Make a big step forward. Tilt your body in such a way that the thigh is parallel to the floor. Then return to the starting position. And then do the same exercise with the other foot.

4. Planck

Stand in the position "stop lying". Close in that position. The body and muscle press should be as strained as possible, the buttocks are compressed. If this exercise is too simple, it can be complicated. Stand on my side, assume one of the hands, the second limb is directed straight up! Be sure that your body forms a straight line from the ankles to the shoulders.

10-minute warming up before training

Workout is no less important part of the workout, so never forget about it.

Soft roller: 2 minutes

To speed up recovery and assistance in preventing injuries and pain, use a soft roller. This is very important for experienced bodybuilders, even more than for beginners. But nevertheless, it is a great habit.

Pay special attention to such parts of the body at least thirty seconds:

  1. Buttocks;
  2. Quadriceps;
  3. Top of the back;
  4. Top back

Mobility: 8 minutes

These exercises will help develop muscles and prepare the body to hard work.

  1. Deep priest

Sit in a very deep priest, your hands are stretched forward and are above a vulture, crossbar or something similar, for which you can easily grasp if necessary. Make five deep breaths.

Exercise Zhuk.

  1. Dead Zhuk.

Lie on the back, hips raised, legs bent in the knees. Without bending elbows, put the right hand over your head. Left leg down and straighten. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side. Make five approaches to the side.

  1. Work hips and buttocks

Stand on all fours. Put the ankle of one leg on the inside of the knee of the other and sit as far as possible back, holding hands with straight. This exercise will help stretch the buttocks and feel a little yoga in pigeon pose. Make eight approaches for each side.

  1. Movement forearms on the wall

Stand up to the wall, press her forearm, lift up in the form of the letter "w". Move your hands up the wall until they are straight. Lower them and endure the walls of the shoulders. Repeat eight times to the side.

  1. Spiderman's gait with high hip lifting above head

Make a big step forward and sneak into the floor with both hands in front of yourself. Without changing the position of the hands, pull both legs. Then bend your knees and turn the torso. Lift one hand up, the second rests on the floor near the legs. Thus, the letter "T" is obtained. Return to the starting position. Repeat 5 times one way.

Training program with a barbell

We know what you think now - "I thought it would be easy!". Do not worry, the introductory eight-week training program includes only two types of workouts.

Program A.

  • Squats with a barbell: 3 sets of 5 repetitions
  • Rods Lying: 3 sets of 5 repetitions
  • Rod rod in the slope: 3 sets of 5 repetitions
  • High lifting hip: 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each side
  • Planck: 3 sets for 20-30 seconds

Program B.

  • Ranan traction: 3 sets of 5 repetitions
  • Rods standing: 3 sets of 5 repetitions
  • Tightening: 3 sets of 8 repetitions
  • Fucks with their own weight: 3 sets of 10 repetitions to the side
  • Side Plank: 3 15- to 20 seconds for each side

Weekly exercise schedule.

Weeks 1, 3, 5, and 7

  • Monday: Training a
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Training B
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: Training a
  • Saturday: rest

Sunday: rest

Weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8

  • Monday: Training B
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Training a
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: Training B
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: rest

Frequently asked Questions

1. How long is it necessary to rest between approaches?

When you just start doing exercises and get used to them, rest is not the most important part. After all, you need to correctly perform tasks and try to raise more weight. Try to rest from three to five minutes between the raising of the rod and one minute between the usual exercises.

2. How big will I lift?

Start with raising the grid without pancakes, gradually adding a weight of 2-4 kilograms every workout. The ideal weight is the one that is hard, but really do in three approaches. It is he who will not strain unnecessarily and to keep himself in an optimal form.

3. Do you need cardio training?

Cardio is an excellent choice for most people. These training are good that day when you do not raise gravity. On the first day, the intensity is small - 20-30 minutes walk on foot or by bike. The second day is highly intensive - sprint on a straight or rough terrain by bike from 10 to 15 minutes.

What's next?

Newbies can optimize training schedule individually for themselves.

Add weight with each workout. And when there is no place on the hint for new pancakes, you are no longer a newcomer!

And one more substantial note: the most important thing for the newbie - the work of technology. Like an accurate throw in baseball or basketball - it takes a lot of workouts. That is why the frequency is so important. Concentrate in class, and you will not become more stronger, but as they could not imagine earlier. Power in you!

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Rod - base basics in power training! Working with it allows you to increase the massive muscle mass, it is it that is a sports projectile used in most basic exercises. With a bar, you can exercise on all muscle groups even at home.

Recommendations for training with a barbell

Like all classes, training with a barbell requires a thorough workout. On the example of the exercise, the press is lying, you need to start with the warm-up of the shoulder joints and the chest muscles. This can be made with circular rotational movements of hands, alternating direction, as well as stretch the chest, brought hands to the side in the slope.

After the warm-up, you need to perform several warming approaches.

  1. The first approach is best to perform "empty" vulture, without crafts;
  2. The second can be done with a slight weight that should be selected individually.

These warming approaches can be replaced by the press of dumbbells. Of course, their weight should also be small. Working with a barbell, weight should be added gradually.

How to train with a rod for a set of muscle mass

Training process, designed for a set of masses, should be divided into three or four workouts per week. For example, in the first training day, exercises are performed, aimed at the development of the breast muscles, it will also not be superfluous to make several exercises on triceps - synergist of breast muscles.

Each exercise should be performed 3-4 approaches, not counting the warm-up. Weight need to be calculated so as to perform from 8 to 12 repetitions. The rest between approaches should be about two minutes. Below will be presented with a detailed complex with a bar for a mass set at home.

How to train with a rifle to a girl

Training for slimming with a barbell can be circular, that is, in one training session, the athlete works out all muscle groups. Each training can also have several circles - cycles. Such a scheme is suitable for weight loss. It is important to do the exercises for each other without rest. The optimal number of repetitions will be 15-20 times in one exercise. But it all depends on the preparation and weight of the barbell or griff. If you perform the specified amount with a bar, it is easy to increase the number of repetitions up to 25-30 times. After performing the first circle of exercises, you should relax within 2-3 minutes. Such circles can be performed by 3-4, it is important to repel from our own sensations and select the relevant training of the load.

Top 15 Stand exercises on all muscle groups

List of better exercises for the development of leg muscles.

1. Squats with a bar with different standing stop

Several embelling options that can be alternate with each other: a wide setting of a stop with unfolded socks, a narrow stage, medium, deep squats, frontal squats. For domestic training, it is important to monitor the safety technique and lift the barbell on the shoulders should be very careful, especially if there are no racks.

Captured with a bar

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2. Flavas with a barbell

Here are also a few options: scissors, in which the position of the support leg is invariably until the end of the approach, alternate attacks - back and forth, evapunations of reverancy, as well as a farmer's walk. You can change exercises depending on getting used to the load.

Scissors with a barbell photo

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3. Dadlift or dead traction

The exercise involves the execution of thrust on direct legs, in the case of discomfort, you can perform Romanian traction - an option with bent knees.

Dead rod

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4. Stanning traction

A more complex option for the development of muscles of the back and legs. When performing a traction, it is important to follow the lower back, which in no case should be rounded.

Basic exercise - Ranged traction

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5. Sumo-squats

An option in which the leading muscles of the thigh are stronger. Another variety of this exercise are Plie-squats.

Sumo Sumo Squat

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6. The bench rod vertically (standing or sitting)

For body stabilization, it is better to exercise sitting. The classic option - beasts because of the head grab a little wider shoulders.

Rods standing from behind the head

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7. Rod rod to chin

It is better to carry out the craving, placing the palm of the palms in the center of the griff. When performing the exercise it is impossible to swing, the rod must slide along the body .

Broach with a bar

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8. Front lifts rods in front of them

Permanently standing by holding the bar with two hands on the width of the shoulders, the elbows are important to keep slightly bent. Raise the bar to the eye level.


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9. Rod Rods wide grab

It is performed on the hill, preferably on a special bench with special racks.

Rods lying on the bench

10. Mention of a narrow grip

The exercise develops not only the middle of the chest muscles, but also a triceps. Important press elbows as close to the body .

Narrow grip on a horizontal bench

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Next, exercises for the development of the muscles of the back.

11. T-shaped grip one or two hands

A vulture is diagonally, holding one edge with two hands, the second edge concerns the floor. Traction is performed in the slope. You can also perform cravings for each hand.

T-GRAF equipment in the slope

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12. Rod rod in the slope to the belt

It is performed with a slightly bent knees while holding the neck of the average grip.

Rod rod to the belt in the slope for the muscles of the back

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13. Tilt with a barbell

The second name is Gudmoning. The slopes are performed with a straight back, while the knees are slightly bent. Not only back muscles, but also buttocks and biceps of the thigh are involved in the exercise.

Slopes with a bar

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Next, exercises for the muscles of the hands.

14. Flexing of hands with a barbell

You can also perform a variant with a wide grip sitting, or concentrated by resting your back into the wall.

Rod rise on biceps technology

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15. French press

Perhaps lying on the back. For the convenience of working with a barbell, lay the palm in the width of the shoulders.

Rush lying down the head

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Training program with a bar for 3 days

By choosing a three-day training mode, you will have to combine several muscle groups in one training day. As an example, the program is designed for three days.

Stand exercises for men

First day - Training of breast muscles, triceps and anterior delta.

  1. The bench press is lying a wide grip of 3-4 x 8-12.
  2. Hour narrow grip 3-4 x 8-12.
  3. Inverse pushups 3-4 x 8-12.
  4. French bench press 3-4 x 8-12.
  5. Extension of hands with a vulture due to head 3-4 x 8-12.
  6. Frontal rod lifts 3-4 x 8-12.
  7. Twisting 3-4 x 15-20.

Second day - Training muscles of the back, biceps and rear delta.

  1. The grip in the slope is a wide grip for the rear delta 3-4 x 8-12.
  2. T-shaped grip with two hands 3-4 x 8-12.
  3. The rod rod in the slope to the belt 3-4 x 8-12.
  4. Flexing of hands with a bar of a wide grip Sitting 3-4 x 8-12.
  5. Flexing hands by reverse medium grab 3-4 x 8-12.
  6. Twisting 3-4 x 15-20.

The third day - Training of the muscles of the legs, the middle delta.

  1. Squats with a bar of 3-4 x 8-12.
  2. Fucks with a bar of 3-4 x 8-12.
  3. Dadlift 3-4 x 8-12.
  4. Rises on socks 3-4 x 20-25.
  5. Rods bench because of the head (standing or sitting) 3-4 x 8-12.
  6. Rod rod to chin 3-4 x 8-12.
  7. Twisting 3-4 x 15-20.

Complex of exercises with a barbell for girls

For girls, there is a plan of circular training with a barbell and its own weight. Exercises of 15-20 repetitions should be performed, each exercise is performed by each other without rest. Perform three or four circles for training. The program is designed for three days a week. Before starting workout, it is necessary to warm up - perform jumps or other cardoratives for 5-7 minutes.

Day 1.

  1. Plie-squats.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Slopes with a barbell.
  4. Push-ups from the floor or elevation.
  5. Rod sitting sitting.
  6. Thrust for chin.
  7. Press: Lifting legs lying + bike.

Day 2.

  1. Squate medium standing stop.
  2. Dead thrust.
  3. Rod rod to the belt.
  4. Frontal rod lifts in front of them.
  5. Rods sitting by middle grip.
  6. Inverse pushups.
  7. Press: repeat the day 1.

Day 3.

  1. Deadlift.
  2. Successing on the hill.
  3. Push ups, legs on the hill.
  4. Planck: alternate ascent with forearm.
  5. French bench.
  6. Hand flexion by middle grip.
  7. Press: repeat the day 1.

If the load is not enough and the complex takes 40-45 minutes, at the end the program can be supplemented with cardiac paper for 10-15 minutes. Such exercises include: jumping with a rope, berp, jumping in place, jumping on elevation, running and the like.


If there is a rod and enough drives for it for her, every person, regardless of the site of training - the gym This or house, with proper training, nutrition and rest can achieve the desired result, whether it is a set of muscle mass or weight loss. The main task will be a competent selection of exercises and most importantly, of course, start training! The bar was, there is also the main athletic projectile of all times and peoples!

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