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Lebanon - Guide, rest in Lebanon and much more on tourist.ru

Lebanon is a tiny state in the Middle East, bordering on the East with Syria and in the south with Israel. Lebanon has direct access to the Mediterranean Sea. The population for 2016 is more than 6 million locals and from different estimates from 1 to 2.5 million refugees from Syria. Refugees from Syria live predominantly in the capital of Lebanon - Beirut, and those border with Syria. Because of the numerous wars from Lebanon, millions of locals left, about 12 million Lebans left for approximate estimates around the world.

Garden garden do it yourself: 135 photos of ideas, all new articles from handicraft materials for home and summer cottages

The times when country possessions were six hundred, each centimeter of which was planted with vegetables and fruits long gone into the past. Now they are used not only for garden work, but also for rest. More comfortable to rest if everything is in its places. Create the perfect garden of the garden with your own hands is not difficult.

Yandex Dzen.

On the Internet found an article on how to remake the car generator to the generator with permanent magnets. Is it possible to use this principle and remake the generator with your own hands from an asynchronous electric motor? It is possible that there will be large energy losses, not the location of the coils.

Bath with your own hands: Various ways of manufacturing

The market of sanitary equipment is filled with containers for bathing of different shapes and sizes. Unusual interiors require non-standard solutions. Then you need to create a bath according to an individual project. This is due to the size of the room, aligning furniture objects in it or the original designer idea. Plug metal, plastic or acrylic can be ordered at the manufacturing plant. Another option is to make a bath with your own hands.

How to remove old wallpapers without too much efforts quickly from the wall and easy: secrets + video - Hype House

Remove the old wallpaper - the task is not from the lungs, it often requires considerable effort and weight of the time-spent wallpaper quickly, and even without too much effort, and is it possible at all? Technology keep up with the times, and today in the store you can find even special compositions that help remove the old coating. And these compositions are collecting quite good. But to spare old wallpapers can be in several ways.

Constant fatigue and drowsiness: the reasons what to do, how to treat?

Constant fatigue and drowsiness go hand in hand with technical progress. Smartphones, screens of computers and TVs surround you from morning to waste. During the epidemic, restrictions on Walking were added. Stresses, frightening news and the unknown keep everyone in voltage. In the evening you can physically worked all day and completely depleted.

How to measure the density of electrolyte and charge the battery - DRIVE2

Measuring the electrolyte density in combination with a voltage measurement under load and without allowing you to quickly set the cause of the malfunction in the battery. At low density - it can be a defect in any cell, a deep discharge or breaking the chain inside the battery. The density is measured by a special device - a carometer (densimeter).

Caries treatment at home - folk remedies against caries

Treat the teeth from the dentist is scary, and their services are too expensive - these are the main arguments of those who practice the treatment of caries of teeth at home. There are sage, garlic, propolis, camphor, sandpaper and even prayers. EdartSmile editor has figured out what else is being treated at home, whether such therapy is effective and to which consequences it can lead.

Dr. Bormental

The average resident of the Earth continues to get fat. If in 2010 the level of obesity in Russia was 23% on average, in 2016 the level of obesity among women has already been 28%. The most complete in Europe in 2016 were residents of Great Britain and Malta, and Russia in terms of obesity among women occupied the honorable 3rd place (according to Prof.r.Holt, published on the 26 European Congress on the study of obesity). And this statistic scares.

Gifts for the new year do it yourself

Recently, gifts for the New Year are gaining more and more popularity - due to the fact that more technologies are becoming around us, people began to appreciate the manual work performed in a single copy. I love to make creative gifts and postcards for the new year and I want to share ideas as you can make a gift for my mother or a friend for the New Year with your own hands.

Master Fair Journal

Over the past year, I have never got information on the Internet about how you can make hangers (shoulders) for clothes of dolls or toys. I am sure that this method is invented not by me and for a long time, but because if I didn't get on my eyes anything like that earlier, then perhaps my little master class will be at least someone useful.

How to change the password in minecraft on the server what to do if you forgot the password in Minecraft how to restore

Players in Minecraft are famous for their gambling and storage of many things. This is not counting what buildings and mechanisms they create. Anyone, even a novice player will be annoyed to lose everything he has. It may happen due to the bath on the server or grinding (permit), but most often loss of access to the character. Fraudsters and hackers in different methods recognize or pick up passwords to player accounts and assign them to themselves. Of course, the ban and griffers can be avoided by playing honestly and following the safety rules, but the attackers are more serious with attackers.