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Yandex Dzen.

On the Internet found an article on how to remake the car generator to the generator with permanent magnets. Is it possible to use this principle and remake the generator with your own hands from an asynchronous electric motor? It is possible that there will be large energy losses, not the location of the coils.

Bath with your own hands: Various ways of manufacturing

The market of sanitary equipment is filled with containers for bathing of different shapes and sizes. Unusual interiors require non-standard solutions. Then you need to create a bath according to an individual project. This is due to the size of the room, aligning furniture objects in it or the original designer idea. Plug metal, plastic or acrylic can be ordered at the manufacturing plant. Another option is to make a bath with your own hands.

Constant fatigue and drowsiness: the reasons what to do, how to treat?

Constant fatigue and drowsiness go hand in hand with technical progress. Smartphones, screens of computers and TVs surround you from morning to waste. During the epidemic, restrictions on Walking were added. Stresses, frightening news and the unknown keep everyone in voltage. In the evening you can physically worked all day and completely depleted.

Dr. Bormental

The average resident of the Earth continues to get fat. If in 2010 the level of obesity in Russia was 23% on average, in 2016 the level of obesity among women has already been 28%. The most complete in Europe in 2016 were residents of Great Britain and Malta, and Russia in terms of obesity among women occupied the honorable 3rd place (according to Prof.r.Holt, published on the 26 European Congress on the study of obesity). And this statistic scares.

How to find a person by phone number and find out his location for free online

Some life situations require a person to establish its location or find out the name and name, owning only the minimum of information about him. The reasons for such a search can be the most different and sometimes for such data there is no possibility to contact the specialized bodies, for example, the police or to the mobile operator. The actual question is how to find a person by phone number is possible to solve independently using free programs and services. All possible ways to find someone, knowing the contact number, consider below.

How to restore the file remote from the flash drive

Sometimes it happens that the data from the memory card is removed. It can be a USB drive installed in one of the port ports, or a miniature flash drive on the phone. And in that, and in another case, most often they can be restored. This uses special software that we will talk about today. So, go to the case and deal with how to restore the file removed from the flash drive.

Yandex Dzen.

Buying your first smartphone or tablet on Android, each of us faces the need to start a Google account or take advantage of the previously instituted. At the same time, we all involuntarily agree with the Android developer not announced - Entrance of the ruble is two. In practice, this means to register a mailbox to gmail.com and make it with your account, much easier than to delete it. Therefore, the question is how to remove the Google account in the Android phone arises from many users. After all, there are often cases when we sell our gadget for unnecessary or simply give it to someone in long-term use. Then this question becomes very relevant to us. Let's consider the most common ways to delete your account from devices on Android.

Yandex Dzen.

The harsh survival must be ready for everything, especially the fact that at the most inopportune moment (for example, in the forest), matches will be wetted, and a lighter without missing. And what now, run-jump, so that warmer? And if you want to shout? Well, I do not! We need a fire. Urgently!

Yandex Dzen.

The shady garden on the nursery and the country area will be a great place for family holidays, especially if you make small efforts and make it comfortable with the help of various accessories and small structures, such as canopies, arbors, shops, etc. Make and place on the garden of the garden swing from the tree with your own hands: photos and drawings, sizes and basic parameters for construction you can find in this article.