XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL - What is the size of women's clothing into Russian?

Welcome! Today you will learn how to go to the new season behind new things in a real or virtual store is not mistaken with the purchase. After all, very often, considering letters on the labels, we are wondering.

S This is what size of women's clothingWelcome! Today you will learn how to go to the new season behind new things in a real or virtual store is not mistaken with the purchase. After all, very often, considering letters on the labels, we are wondering.

We will answer the question: "CHS, S, M, L, XL, XXL - which is what size of women's clothing into the Russian Federation (38,44,46,48,5,52,54,56,6,62, etc. .)? "

In this article, we will consider in detail what these or other numbers correspond to what the signs are corresponding, and we learn how to learn them correctly compare them with your volumes.

To sort out the letters of the size of women's clothing of different countries, consider in detail what figures they correspond to Russian standards.

  • XXXS - Ehtra Ehtra Echtra Small (very, very, very small) - 38 Size
  • XXS - Ehtra Echtra Small (very, very small) - 40 Size
  • Xs / xs / - Ehtra Small (very small) - 42 size
  • S - Small (small) - 44 Size
  • M - Medium (Medium) - 46 Size
  • L - Large (Large) - 48 Size
  • XL - Extra Large (very large) - 50 size
  • XXL - Extra Extra Large (very, very large) - 52 Size
  • Xxxl - Extra Extra Large (very, very, very big) - 54 Size

But what is the size in the letter equivalent, if we have women's clothing 58 - 60 - 62 - 64 - 66 - 68 - 70 - 72 - 74 and even 80? In order not to specify too many letters x on the label, manufacturers use a numeric code, as can be seen from the table below.

Click on the picture below to zoom in size.

m What is the size of women's clothing

Similarly, the upper women's clothing from 60 sizes are labeled, including 72 and 80. Read a detailed article for the folk sizes. "How to translate american and chinese size into Russian?" .

Now find out what you need to know to determine, S, M, L, XL What are these women's clothing size? To do this, remember how the Russian size range is determined. (Picture clickable)

l This is what size of women's clothes

However, remember that for high girls, the numbers are slightly corrected taking into account growth.

m This is what size of clothes female

As we see from the tables, Russian sizes are determined by semi-coupling of the chest or hips. This means that the figure obtained when measuring the volume of chest or hips, we divide us 2 and get the actual size.

Since most women, the top and bottom parameters do not coincide, consider it when buying clothes.

For example, if the breast volume is 92 cm, the size of the blouse or sweaters will be 46, but the volume of the hips can be 100, then the pants or skirts are better to choose the 50th or XL .

To properly make the necessary dimensions, it is enough for us to ask someone from loved ones about help.

We will need a high-quality, not stretched tailor tape, a mirror and an assistant.

How to measure chest girth: we dress in thin lightweight clothes without underwear, cover the chest to the most speakers, watching the back there is no provisis, but not tightening too much.

How to measure the waist girth: we measure the waist on a naked body, without pulling the stomach and not blossoming it - we save the natural position of the body.

How to measure the girth of the hips: the hips measuring on the widest part of them, and not according to the protruding buttocks, especially if there are "halifa", as it will significantly affect the correct definition of size.

Now you know, how best to determine what is the size of clothes, for example, 42 or 50, s or xl and unmistakably be able to purchase the desired thing in a real or virtual store. The main thing is to remember how important it is to measure your own parameters - the accuracy of the choice will depend on it!


Choose clothes in the boutique or on the market for any person will not be a lot of work. You can draw, see how sits. It will be more difficult when choosing in online stores. "M This is what size?" - You will love. The answer to this question can be found using the information below.

How to determine

It is important to remember that the size M is how many centimeters in the main indicators of the forms of a man or a woman. And measuring them, you can find out that item in the dimensional grid belongs to you. For this you need to remove such measurements:

  • chest girth (at the level of the axillary depression according to the most protruding points of the chest);

  • waist grumps (according to the most narrow waist zone);

  • girth of hips (according to the most protruding places of buttocks);

  • neck pickup (preferably in men);

  • man's height.

Additional items include the width of the shoulders and the length of the sleeve, but these data are not always in demand.

The parameter measurement will help find out which numerical indicators correspond to your shapes of the figure. There is a table that shows the ratio of "girth" with certain numbers. This will allow you to easily and simply choose your favorite clothes.

To determine which digit corresponds to the size M, you need to compare the data of your measurements with Russian indicators, and only then the international dimensional mesh.

Russian analogue

All the famous are the fact that in different countries of the world, the size of female and male clothing is different. For this, an international letter table was invented, which helps to easily decide on the choice of purchase. This occurs due to the comparison of its parameters and the letters that corresponds to them.



Russian size




Breast girth, see




Waist girth, see




Girth hips, see




Neck girth, see




Growth, see



Unlike the international table, the size M into Russian is denoted by numbers. These data were approved by GOST and they are considered the best analogue of the size of the US and other European countries. Therefore, it is important to remember that such Russian size M does not exist.


Letter M means "medium", which is translated - medium. In this way, each model of female and men's clothing in different countries is indicated. The indicators of all sizes M in numbers are as follows: 46 and 48 (for women) and 48 (for men).

Male wardrobe

A variety of clothing makes it possible to choose your favorite model suitable for you. But Sometimes there is distrust of the letters and numbers that are indicated on the tag . To do this, it is better to know what size Men's clothing M matches, comparing your parameters with the size of the manufacturer. These knowledge will help freely and in any way to engage in shopping.

The European size M into Russian male 48 is determined by such parameters: chest girth is 96 cm, the waist has 84 cm and neck - about 40-41 cm. The approximate growth of a man varies within 170-176 centimeters.

About women's clothing

Unlike men, a weak floor representative often face problems that are associated with a table of dimensional grid. And female size m is a visual example of this. The reason is that the data of the Russian table shown two digits - 46 and 48. This factor creates difficulties during shopping, especially on the Internet. Therefore, to choose the size of women's clothing M, you need to specify your parameters. They look like:

  • For 46, the gripping of the chest is 92, and the thighs are 100 cm;

  • For 48, breast pickup indicators will be 96, and the hips are 104 cm.

With such indicators, growth ranges from 164-170 centimeters.


When choosing clothes or shoes, a mandatory point is to study the size of the manufacturer's dimension. Sometimes there are cases when a T-shirt or pants are bigger and your native M is specified as XL or even XXL. Therefore, you need to carefully study the dimensional grid before making a purchase.

Table of women's clothing size: dimensional mesh, women's clothing sizes

Dimensional grid of women's clothing in the store "Sewing Tradition"

Before making order dresses, blazer, costume or skirts should be clarified Women's clothing size which offers "Sewing Tradition". This will avoid errors when ordering, and accordingly, choose a suitable thing that will become a pleasant upgrade.

If you have already ordered in online stores, please note that Women's clothing size Can be international, European, American and CIS countries. The latter are focused on breast girth, divided by 2. It is such dimensions that uses the "Sewing Tradition".

For example, if your breast girth is 88 cm, then your size is 44, if 100 cm, then - 50. It is not difficult to remember, but we have on Women's clothing size table that helps more accurately navigate.

The table of the size of women's clothing will help you decide:

How to measure breast volume

Sometimes we are faced with a problem when our customer buyers argue that clothing size women's table It is not true. We know that the problem is here in the other. You just need to correctly measure your size using a meter in the form of a tape. It follows the full coverage at the level of the middle of the blades and the middle of the protruding breast. At the same time, do not pull the meter, because the clothes should sit on your figure well, and not cover it every fold.

Size definition nuances

note that Dimensional grid of women's clothing Determines the dimensions, focusing on the amount of breast in a given segment of values. This is due to the fact that for each centimeter to sew a dress or blouse you can only with private dressmakers, and the factory sew the universal (standard) size. If you want clothing to fit your figure, you can order a smaller size, bordering with your standards. And on the contrary - if you need a dress or coat free, then you should select a thing to size more.

When buying a dress or costume, take into account the measurements not only the chest, but also the thighs. Order a thing that is responsible for large measurements. After all, it is much easier to sew clothes than to arrange it.

If you know your European size, then you can also navigate when choosing. It is enough to add to the European size 6. And you get your CIS size. For example, if on European catalogs you order size 40, then your CIS size is 46.

To navigate to you will help the table

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