Constant fatigue and drowsiness: the reasons what to do, how to treat?

Constant fatigue and drowsiness go hand in hand with technical progress. Smartphones, screens of computers and TVs surround you from morning to waste. During the epidemic, restrictions on Walking were added. Stresses, frightening news and the unknown keep everyone in voltage. In the evening you can physically worked all day and completely depleted.

Constant fatigue and drowsiness go hand in hand with technical progress. Smartphones, screens of computers and TVs surround you from morning to waste. During the epidemic, restrictions on Walking were added. Stresses, frightening news and the unknown keep everyone in voltage. In the evening you can physically worked all day and completely depleted.

Chronic decay of forces, lethargy seem natural satellites of life. We try not to pay attention to them and work on the power of will. It is not always good and can give severe health effects.

It is not necessary to scare. There are situations where the body has spent its resources and it requires rest for recovery. The main thing is that this period does not delay.

chronic fatigue

Sometimes you just need to relax.

The short-term need for "Lurence" occurs after:

  • severe physical;
  • "Big" training in the gym;
  • emotional loads;
  • Diseases, prolonged treatment.

It was a day, a week, and you never recovered, the forces were not added. It is worth listening to yourself even without visible signs of the disease. Here are the reasons for constant drowsiness and fatigue, when you need to act:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (SHU);
  • anemia;
  • B12 deficiency;
  • WIT D;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • liver disease;
  • medications.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (SHU)

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease of civilization, the term was introduced in 1984. Just after 4 years More than 100,000 diagnoses and the American National Center for Chronic Fatigue . It is 4 times more common in women than in men.

The main sign is a sense of pronounced weakness, which is more than 6 months. Even a long holiday does not help. Physical and mental loads exacerbate the symptoms.

What else can disturb:

  • temperature rise;
  • sore throat;
  • Weakness and pain in the muscles;
  • sleep disorders;
  • Impairment of memory, concentration, irritability.

Diseases with fatigue symptom

Sometimes the feeling of fatigue is a sign of the disease and you need to consult a doctor.

The reason for the appearance of the disease is still a mystery for scientists. And doctors of 100 patients with chronic fatigue put this diagnosis of only 16. The rest continue to be treated from other diseases. It will be worthwhile will be healthy nutrition and replenishment of deficits with special complexes, physical activity.


One of the reasons anemia is a deficiency of iron in the body. FE. 2+. It is part of the erythrocytes and helps them deliver oxygen cells of the whole organism. The disadvantage of this metal can lead to the fact that the cells simply lack "air". From here it can arise a constant feeling of fatigue and drowsiness.


  • dry skin, hair fragility, nails;
  • Muscular weakness, incontinence;
  • Lack of taste - Wish have chalk, dental powder, coal, clay, sand, ice, raw dough, minced meat;
  • The perversion of smell is a desire to inhale smells of gasoline, kerosene, acetone, paints;
  • "Inexplicable" subfebrile temperature (37.5 * C);
  • Elevated irritability, emotionality.

For the prevention, you can eat red meat, turn on the liver in the weekly ration. Analysis on serum level of ferritin will show what iron reserve is in the body. Norm: Men - 15-200 μg / l; Women - 12-150 μg / l. Raise the fallen level of iron can be prepared with this element in the correct form for assimilation. All the causes of anemia are more than a dozen, so it is recommended to schedule a visit to the doctor.

Deficiency B12.

Vitamin B12 is absorbed in the stomach and the causes of its deficiency may be diseases of the digestive organs, alcohol abuse, as well as strict vegetarianism, since most of this vitamin the body gets from food of animal origin. Its deficiency can lead to anemia, neurological disorders with loss of sensitivity. And initial symptoms can be constant strong fatigue and drowsiness.

Previously, the treatment of B12 deficiency was considered effective only with the introduction of high doses of drugs in an intramuscular hospital. Today it has been proven that the use of tableted forms can also be effective to adjust these states.

Vitamin D. deficiency

Vitamin D has more than 1 billion people . This substance is involved in many metabolic processes. Vitamin D is produced in the skin in the Sun, but the recommendations of dermatologists do not recommend long exposure due to the risks of pigmentation, skin diseases, including melanoma. At the same time, studies have shown the relationship between taking vitamin D and a decrease in mortality.

Support the level of vitamin D can be diet, including fish, seafood, eggs. As well as special drugs. Since the deficit is also observed in children, and adults have different forms of release. For children, this is more often a drop in the form of a water or fatty solution.

Chronic fatigue

In some cases, proper nutrition allows you to eliminate a sense of constant fatigue.


Reducing the function of the thyroid gland leads to multiple changes. The perception of the world is changing and it seems that life just passes by, nothing pleases. This may be the cause of strong fatigue and permanent desire to sleep 12 hours a day.

There are complaints about lethargy, apathy, decline in interest to others, slowness, impairment of memory, dry skin, brittleness and loss of hair, swelling, constipation. The body begins to produce less energy, it is manifested by the chicness and intolerance of the cold, the body temperature can be reduced to 34-35 * s.

The diagnosis of this state is difficult, even endocrinologists put the correct diagnosis of only 34% of cases. Hormonal preparations are used for treatment, such as Levothyroxine.

Diseases of the liver

Liver disease is very cunning. The organ has no own nerve endings, so even with serious damage we do not feel pain. It only appears when the liver increases in size and stretches the liver capsule. Also, the liver has powerful possibilities for compensation, therefore diseases can last asymptomatic.

Then fatigue can be the only signal signal. It appears due to poor processing of toxins and their influence on the nervous system. Also can disturb the feeling of gravity under the ribs to the right, yellowing of mucous membranes, nails and scool, as if you move the carrots.

The causes of liver diseases are not only alcohol, but also obesity, diabetes. Fat affects liver cells and can lead to their reincarnation. Also, a large share is occupied by viral hepatitis.

An experienced doctor should be directed to analyzes such a patient, because inspection is inex-informative. After all, the liver does not hurt and hidden under the ribs.


Permanent stress contributes to the allocation of adrenaline and other hormones, causing the activation of the physical condition. The natural response of the "Bay-run" man is laid by evolution. When meeting with Mammoth or Bear, only the action saved a primitive person. Today we have to suppress emotions. It takes a lot of strength and "Keep Smile" throughout the week depletes psychological resources, leads to breakdown, insomnia and grinding to the teeth at night.

Stress must "burn", give muscles to work in the gym, on the treadmill. If this does not make muscle clamps, pain in time. In the running cases, it is first required to relax muscles. Deep massage, needleflexotherapy, sometimes sedatives. Prevention can also be an expression of emotions, studying them with a psychotherapist, meditation.


Some medicines may cause constant weakness and fatigue. You can find out in the instructions, for example, it is not recommended to receive drivers.

Such action possess:

  • antiallergic;
  • antihypertensive;
  • antidepressants and tranquilizers;
  • Prokinetics (affecting the digestive system motility);
  • Miorlaxants (relaxing muscles);
  • Anti-Epileptic preparations (Depaakin).

Medications causing fatigue

Drugs may cause constant weakness and fatigue due to the individual characteristics of the body or the drug itself.

If this significantly reduces the quality of life, you must consult with your doctor and choose an alternative. But the decision must be suspended and take into account the benefit that existing treatment brings. In addition, the reaction to drugs may be individual and not registered in the instructions.

As you can see the reasons for the set from banal processing to formidable states. All of them is not possible to list them, because even doctors are not easy to determine the cause. Therefore, before you look for advice, what to do with constant fatigue and weakness, try to listen to the body, give him rest. It is possible to consult a doctor and pass diagnosis. And the best prevention will be a regular check-up and a healthy lifestyle with nutritional support.

"For the last 2 years I work a lot - opened my work, I had to completely" block "the daily chart, so that everything would be time.

It seemed to me that I didn't know well with everything, but lately, with great difficulty, I force myself to work - I feel terrible weakness and drowsiness. Sometimes it comes to extremes - late, because I can't wake up early in the morning and tearing a business meeting.

It became difficult to perform even those tasks that I have always been interested. Only motivate situations when I understand that the breakdowns of the deadlines will threaten serious trouble. But here I postpone things to the last, and then convulsively try to do everything in time.

I am physically healthy - I do not get sick, I sleep as much as usual. I do not understand where this decline has come from. "

- Alina, 30 years

"I will fumble at the weekend" - as often we talk this phrase and hear it from others, while working on wear all week. According to polls conducted by Russian scientists, excess daytime drowsiness was noted in 40.9% of respondents. [1] Yes, on weekends you can seek how to sleep, but this "recharging" is not enough for a couple of working days.

Permanent drowsiness adversely affects the quality of human life. It cannot fully fulfill his working responsibilities and do household chores. Useful active vacation goes into the background, giving way to a passive lifestyle. In addition, drowsiness can be dangerous for humans and others, for example, if he spends a lot of time. In the article we will discuss an important question - why is constantly clone in sleep. What is this symptom of the disease, fatigue or bad habit?


Symptoms of weakness and drowsiness

Symptoms of weakness and drowsiness

Sleepiness - a sense of inhibition and fatigue, conjugate with a regular desire to fall asleep in an unpredictable time for this.

The general weakness can be caused by various states of the body, respectively, the symptoms will differ. One suffers only with insomnia, and another there is a whole "set" of alarming signs.

If a person has been in a state of drowsiness and weakness for a long time, then this is chronic fatigue. Denote its typical symptoms:

  • reduction of physical and mental activity during the daytime;

  • malaise when performing even the simplest daily work;

  • Fast and frequent fatigue;

  • Sleep disorders - insomnia, nightmares;

  • weakness or pain in the muscles;

  • Migraines - the presence of pulsating pain in the field of temples;

  • Irritability and anxiety. [2]

It seems that these symptoms have ever experienced each. Indeed, in the mad rhythm of life it is difficult to maintain high performance. Work is staying late, raising children, meetings with friends, gym - on vacation sometimes too little time. It is not surprising that we are constantly clone into sleep, and we are during an important meeting with a quiet hour, as in kindergarten. But if weakness and fast fatigue are concerned with the normal number of sleep (7-9 hours per day), their cause is hidden deeper.

Physiological causes of drowsiness

Increased drowsiness - hardly the most common symptom of various deviations in the work of internal organs and systems. Fast fatigue and weakness are the first manifestations of the inhibition of the central nervous system, since the cells of the brain cortex are extremely sensitive to the effects of external and internal adverse factors. Sleepiness as a symptom is of great importance in the diagnosis of many pathological conditions. [2]

Denote the most common diseases in which drowsiness and fast fatigue become significant symptoms:

  • anemia;

  • avitaminosis;

  • reduced blood pressure;

  • injury or brain pathology;

  • violations of hormonal balance;

  • Mental and neurological diseases - psychosis, epilepsy, schizophrenia.

Also, the cause of drowsiness, weakness and decline of forces can be the reception of some drugs - tranquilizers, antidepressants and neuroleptics. Unpleasant signs of decline of forces are often "melted" for the wrong lifestyle - unbalanced nutrition, smoking, alcohol and drug use. [2]

As for the influence of weather conditions on the well-being of a person - there is no scientific evidence. Nevertheless, even doctors do not deny that the cause of drowsiness and weakness, the decline of the forces often become precisely unfavorable external factors that are independent of us - reduced atmospheric pressure, wet weather, severe frosts in winter, temperature differences. At such days, some people decreases performance and headache, sleepiness is observed.

Psychological causes of drowsiness

Psychological causes of drowsiness

"Six months ago I got a new job. Everything is well except for one thing - I still do not accept the team formed in the office. Kosken glances, gossip, frank slopes are my job. While tolerant, since it is not possible to leave the company - you need money.

Against the background of constant stress, I was disturbed by the problem - a complete decay of forces. We must wake up at 7:00, but I hardly "pull out" myself out of bed. And in the early evening there is such weakness and drowsiness, and sometimes nausea that I want to quit everything and go to bed. I tried it, but oddly enough, I can not fall asleep. Paradox - Worn with my feet, but there is no sleep. At the weekend, it is also not possible to fully rest - I wake up early and can no longer fall asleep.

You are not literally legs for hated work. With difficulty, forcing myself to be focused on affairs. I make a bunch of mistakes, it only aggravates my already sharp position in the company. Because of the drowsiness, it began to drink coffee with liters and smoke a lot.

I feel ruined - sluggish, apathetic, even some kind of inhibition appeared. I look at others and I'm ashamed. Someone turns out to lead an active lifestyle, and I hardly "live" until the evening. "

- Irina, 32 years old

Despite the rather impressive list of the physiological causes of drowsiness and decline, there are other factors causing alarming symptoms. Sometimes it was the psychological state of a person who launches the "mode" of drowsiness as a physiological response of the body.

We highlight the main psychological states under which weakness, drowsiness and fast fatigue appear:

  1. Survived Mountain

Some people trying to survive dramatic events in life - the loss of loved ones, violence, obtaining serious physical injuries loads itself with work or any other activities. But it does not help, because the grief remains not live and does not allow to fully live on. Fast fatigue, apathy, depressed condition and drowsiness are now constant satellites of life. Fatigue becomes chronic. [3]

  1. Nervous overvoltage

In the life of a modern person there are many events that have something or another reaction. And this is not always positive emotions. It is not surprising that many people who do not give themselves a "respite" and do not know how to persist experienced failures, the so-called emotional burnout occurs. Sleepiness, weakness and headache - meaningful symptoms of this state. A person wants to spend all his free time alone, trying to hide from reality in the world of dreams. [3]

If it does not take action in time, the nervous overvoltage will turn into depression, and this is a serious illness.

  1. Diffidence

Insecure personalities constantly worries how their actions surrounding them. They are dependent on the opinion of well acquaintances and unfamiliar people. Permanent concern and anxiety emotionally exhaust. The body may include a protective reaction to go to "Mode" of energy saving. The insecure in itself is more often choosing inaction than activity, because it is more convenient for him.

  1. Habit be apathetic

According to psychologists, nothing more than a unhealthy model of behavior and bad habit. Due to its own nature or settings made from childhood, a person leaves any activity and immersed in inaction. Gradually, it becomes the norm. A person can even get enough sleep well, but still "in habit" feels tired. Chronic fatigue with symptoms in the form of sleepiness and weakness becomes a consequence of the learned behavior model not to bother with activities.

Weakness and drowsiness in men

drowsiness in men

Men stronger women physically. But they are characteristic of drowsiness and fatigue, especially those who are engaged in severe physical labor. Everyone has a minute and even hours when they want to do anything. This is the normal reaction of the body for a long busy day.

But if the drowsiness is not motivated by physical fatigue, the problem may wage in the unhealthy way of life of a person. Studies show that men have a direct relationship between the increase in daylight levels, depending on the body mass index. According to experts, people with obesity are more often observed sleep disturbances due to apnea (snoring), which does not allow them to fully sleep. Hence the chronic decay of forces. [one]

Also, doctors suggest that the cause of unmotivated drowsiness and weakness in men can be looned in a low level of testosterone. Male sex hormone largely determines the power of man. And if it is produced in insufficient quantity, which often happens with age, men may have unpleasant symptoms - insomnia, a sense of constant fatigue. [one]

Weakness and drowsiness in women

Studies show that daily drowsiness in most cases worries women aged 25-34 years. Experts associate this with the fact that after the main period of childbirth, they often develop iron deficiency anemia, the main symptom of which is a decline of forces even with a healthy dream. And among the respondents at the age of 55, on the contrary, daylight drowsiness decreased. Perhaps this is due to serious hormonal changes in the pre- and postmenopausal period. It can be concluded that the physical condition of the woman, as in the case of men, has the impact of the hormonal system. [one]

Sleepiness and weakness in women during pregnancy - a special case. Almost every one of them in these complex 9 months feels weakness and fast fatigue. This is a normal response of the body to hormonal "restructuring" and excitement associated with the expectation of the child. If pregnancy proceeds without complications, and the doctor did not reveal any deviations in the health of women and the fetus, the fast fatigue is "treated" with rest.

In general, the causes of drowsiness and weakness in women are more often caused by psychological factors, and not physiological, like men. They more acutely react to external negative factors, which can lead to depression, and as a result, to unmotivated drowsiness. [one]

Weakness and drowsiness in children

Increased drowsiness in children is much more common than adults. This is due to both the labitality of the central nervous system, and with increased sensitivity to the effects of external negative factors. That is why the child has drowsiness and weakness in infectious diseases before and brighter than adults. And even insignificant at first glance, the nuisance sometimes causes them a protective reaction in the form of apathy and chronic fatigue.

Sleepiness and fast fatigue is a normal reaction of the body to a hormonal "restructuring", which takes place in the body of the child during the period of adolescence. At the age of 12-17, children may complain that they quickly get tired. [3]

To figure out why the child often appears drowsiness and weakness without temperature in a healthy state, it is extremely important to consider not only physiological causes, but also psychological. It is necessary to make sure that the child has a stressful environment in kindergarten or school. Parents should review the style of education, since the child's weakness and its reluctance to do something sometimes caused by the reaction to the overestimated expectations of the mother and dad.

How to deal with weakness and drowsiness: 9 recommendations that work

how to deal with weakness and drowsiness

If there are suspicions that chronic fatigue is determined by physiological reasons, consult a doctor - therapist or endocrinologist.

Do not self-medicate! With increased drowsiness strictly under the prohibition of independent reception of various stimulants, even if it is preparations of plant origin. Any medicines - only after the appointment of the doctor. It is undesirable to "treat" the decline of strength with plenty of coffee and even more so - gashed power engineers. Yes, these drinks will help you briefly cheer up those who did not sleep. But the constant stimulation of the nervous system of caffeine and other substances of this action does not solve the problem, but only eliminates the external symptoms of drowsiness. It is believed that frequent use of energy drinks can cause the dependence of the psyche from stimulants.

If a specialist does not confirm a single diagnosis, the symptom of which may be chronic fatigue, a serious work is to be. What to do when constantly torments weakness and drowsiness?

  1. Think about the routine of the day

The first, what will have to work - the routine of the day. There is nothing surprising in that you constantly feel "broken", if you fall asleep after midnight, but get up very early. And do not hope that you can sleep at the weekend. With regard to sleep, "catch up" is simply impossible. Moreover, attempts to fill the lack of sleep on weekends can lead to the fact that you will feel even greater fatigue. Thus, you knock down your biological clock and prevent the body to establish the right sleep and wake cycle.

It is necessary to master the useful habit - go to bed much earlier than before. Well resting, during the day you will be cheerful and full of energy.

  1. Revise the diet

Healthy diet is one of the important conditions of excellent well-being. Unmotivated fatigue often appears due to a shortage of a number of vitamins and nutrients (vitamin C, B12, D, protein, complex carbohydrates). And with frequent use of flour and fat constantly clone in sleep.

Let your diet necessarily have useful products - vegetables, greens, fruits, meat, fish. Nutritionists advise to build a diet in such a way that in the schedule there are 5-6 meals in small portions.

Proper nutrition to uniform with physical exertion will help reset the extra kilograms. It is extremely important because drowsiness is often bothering people with overweight.

  1. Workout

Physical exertion remove the voltage and make it better better than the strongest coffee. Most likely, when decaying the forces caused by psychological reasons, the first time will have to literally force themselves to go to the gym. But very soon it will be a useful habit.

No time to visit group or personal fitness? Train yourself at home. Even a regular charging will help cheer up and get a portion of hormones of joy for the active start of the day. Weakness in the body and drowsiness will remove.

  1. Find "correct" motivation

Sometimes apathy, and as a result, constant drowsiness is caused by "incorrect" motivation. A person does not understand why he should do what is needed. And since it does not understand, it means and does not want. Together with laziness, the drowsiness will certainly "roll". As a result - the mountain of unfulfilled cases, the feeling of guilt and stress.

That is why it is so important at the right moment to find a powerful motivation, which will give activity and vigor, to force drowsiness. Do you understand that the forces leave you and want to quit everything? As you follow, what motivates you to perform the planned affairs. If a clone begins to sleep at the thoughts about the "boring" report at work, remember that the head promised you a prize for a successful draft. Is it not the best motivation?

  1. Find an interesting hobby

Favorite hobby for many people is an excellent way to remove emotional overvoltage, which is often the main cause of drowsiness and chronic fatigue. A pleasant occupation can be the case that will help to wake up in the excellent location of the Spirit and be active during the day.

Take care that you have long been postponed for later - it's time to make plans.

  1. Meditate

Many consider meditation to be a frivolous occupation. Leave skepticism aside - try to master the rules and techniques of classes. Meditation helps reduce stress levels and strengthen the concentration of attention. What is needed for those who are constantly clone to sleep due to physical and emotional fatigue. [four]

Do not spare time - take at least 20 minutes to meditation. Even it will have a positive effect.

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking not only negatively affects the state of the pulmonary and cardiovascular system. Regular nicotine intake in the body makes sleep restless, not giving as you should relax at night. Also harmful substances "block" the flow of oxygen to the tissues of the brain, which can also cause chronic fatigue. [4] With a large "experience" smoking there is a risk of constantly feeling weakness and drowsiness, even dizziness.

It is difficult to fight with a detrimental habit if we talk about many years of "friendship" with cigarettes. But it must be done to be healthy and not suffer from decline.

  1. More walk

Fresh air burst. Even a unhurried walk will charge energy and raise the mood, it will take time to relax. Sometimes only it is necessary to remove the accumulated stress and cope with the decline.


The formed routine of the day with training, proper nutrition and the refusal of bad habits does not help to overcome constant drowsiness? Think about the fact that the reason for chronic fatigue lies in the habit of being in an apathetic state. The pathological model of behavior leads to the fact that the body "goes into a hibernation", not giving a person to perform the simplest action.

In the fight against bad habits, high efficiency shows psychological training on behavioral modification technology. The course 7spsy will help get rid of chronic fatigue and weakness, reappear the strength and joy of life. This is a patented method based on theories I. P. Pavlova, B. F. Skinner, A. A. Ukhtomsky and others.

The training will help change the behavior model, which supports the constant feeling of the decline of forces and drowsiness. By changing the negative installations to positive, you will easily find motivation to make the necessary tasks at work and at home. There will become insecurity in yourself, it will become much easier to fight stress, which often cause drowsiness. Positive installations mastered when passing the training will help strengthen the will - the very "driving force", which encourages us to finish the started.

The course on the technology of modification of the 7SPSY behavior is designed for up to 6 weeks. The remote course format provides convenient and timely support of the psychologist by telephone E-mail, in online chat rooms. Participation in the program is confidential, so you can not tell any close nor familiar about what you actively solve personal problems.


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Why constantly want to sleepBefore answering this question, let's see what drowsiness is? Sleepiness is expressed by the feeling of foulness, fatigue, strong desire to sleep and complete indifference to the outside world.

Often, such a state is characteristic of people with strong physical and mental overwork.

Physiology of this state is simple. The brain receives a signal that he needs to relax from external information. Thus, the brake system includes its conservation mode and does not give the brain to perceive all external stimuli. As a result, the cerebral bark and all the senses are blocked and go to the dormant mode.

Signs of increased drowsiness

Sleep duration directly depends on the age and human activity. For example, babies should be sleeping for 14-18 hours, and this is normal. But for an adult, the norm is considered no more than 8 hours. People of old age have the need for a dream increases.

The human body is arranged in such a way that at night he should relax, and in the morning to awkward. If a person does not sleep at night at night, then this may be a sign of insomnia or insomnia. Such a phenomenon of shortness can lead to serious violations.

There may also be the opposite situation that harms the organism is not less than the first. Once again I remind you that the day the human body should be awake, and any manifestations of drowsiness can be a signal of serious violations.

The syndrome of such a state is also called hyperssignments or somnolence. The cause can be various factors, and each person is individual. Therefore, it is sometimes very difficult for specialists to solve this problem.

First of all, such a condition can manifest itself by zoo, increasing pressure and slowdown in heart rate. Consciousness loses its sharpness, and actions - confidence. Also reduced secretion of salivary and tear glands. A person appears an irresistible desire to sleep, and regardless of location.

Health problem as a cause of drowsiness

Reception of drugsVery often, the syndrome of such a state provoke drugs, which include active ingredients with sedative effects. If, after receiving antidepressants, tranquilizers or neuroleptics, they noticed that you clone to sleep, then you need to consult with the attending physician. Perhaps he will write you another drug with a less pronounced side effect.

As medical practice shows, such a state can be caused by serious impairment in the body, for example, pathological processes in the brain, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, bronchial asthma, and so on.

If you independently can not explain why you often feel the sense of sleepiness, then it is better to consult a doctor to diagnose the cause and begin the appropriate treatment.

Causes of drowsiness

A person who has repeatedly faced such a problem, probably asked why I want to sleep so much.

Let's figure it out that it can provoke the appearance of such syndrome:

  1. Mental or physical overwork. Very often you can see, as after physical activity or mental work, I want to sleep. This is normal, the body simply needs rest.
  2. Oxygen deficiency in the cerebral cortex.
  3. Enhanced braking reaction in a central nervous system, which is stronger than excitation. This may be caused by the current components of the drugs taken.
  4. The pathological processes of the brain, which significantly affect the centers responsible for sleep.
  5. Card and brain injury.
  6. Diseases of the endocrine system.
  7. Problems with the function of vital organs. Incorrectly operating bodies lead to the accumulation of unnecessary substances in the circulatory system. This leads to the fact that the cerebral cortex loses its activity.

What to do with constant drowsiness

So that you do not torment the syndrome of this state, you need to follow the rules of healthy sleep. To start, adjust your mode. Doctors always recommend making daily affairs at the same time (waking up, breakfast, walk and so on). Before bedtime, approximately an hour, turn off the light, then the activity of the brain gradually subsides.

To sutra faster to cheer up, you need to charge. Do not make difficult exercises, we do not prepare for serious competitions. Ideal time for charging - 15-20 minutes. Try to in the morning in the room there was only natural light. Go to the balcony, outside, if you live in a private house, and raise a few minutes with fresh morning air.

Often a person has a loss of forces due to dehydration. If you notice fatigue, then drink a glass of pure water. Believe me, even if the reason for the eternal desire to sleep is not in this, then the body will still be grateful to you.

If you are clone in sleep in the middle of the working day, you can cheer up with the help of rhythmic movements.

When it seems to you that the cause of this state has become health problems, it is better not to waste time to guess, and contact a specialist. In any case, it will not be superfluous, but will help in the timely diagnosis of a serious illness.

Often, this state is observed in patients with psychological disorders, for example, depression. Then you should visit a specialist who will help you save you from such a state. Independent elimination of such reasons can significantly harm your health. It is very important that in the apartment and room where you work, there are fresh air, do not forget about ventilating.

Sleep is a guarantee of human health. If you have a full dream, then you will feel good, the mental and physical activity will increase, mood will appear.

Remember that any sleep disorders must be discussed with a doctor.

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