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Lebanon - Guide, rest in Lebanon and much more on tourist.ru

Lebanon is a tiny state in the Middle East, bordering on the East with Syria and in the south with Israel. Lebanon has direct access to the Mediterranean Sea. The population for 2016 is more than 6 million locals and from different estimates from 1 to 2.5 million refugees from Syria. Refugees from Syria live predominantly in the capital of Lebanon - Beirut, and those border with Syria. Because of the numerous wars from Lebanon, millions of locals left, about 12 million Lebans left for approximate estimates around the world.

How to remove old wallpapers without too much efforts quickly from the wall and easy: secrets + video - Hype House

Remove the old wallpaper - the task is not from the lungs, it often requires considerable effort and weight of the time-spent wallpaper quickly, and even without too much effort, and is it possible at all? Technology keep up with the times, and today in the store you can find even special compositions that help remove the old coating. And these compositions are collecting quite good. But to spare old wallpapers can be in several ways.

How to measure the density of electrolyte and charge the battery - DRIVE2

Measuring the electrolyte density in combination with a voltage measurement under load and without allowing you to quickly set the cause of the malfunction in the battery. At low density - it can be a defect in any cell, a deep discharge or breaking the chain inside the battery. The density is measured by a special device - a carometer (densimeter).

Gifts for the new year do it yourself

Recently, gifts for the New Year are gaining more and more popularity - due to the fact that more technologies are becoming around us, people began to appreciate the manual work performed in a single copy. I love to make creative gifts and postcards for the new year and I want to share ideas as you can make a gift for my mother or a friend for the New Year with your own hands.

Master Fair Journal

Over the past year, I have never got information on the Internet about how you can make hangers (shoulders) for clothes of dolls or toys. I am sure that this method is invented not by me and for a long time, but because if I didn't get on my eyes anything like that earlier, then perhaps my little master class will be at least someone useful.

Yandex Dzen.

To achieve persistent results, it is recommended to use professional tools and accessories. In stores sell ready-made sets from the category Mix and apply. In the package it is collected everything you need for staining. But in order to conduct a salon procedure using professional funds, you need to prepare in advance:

Tambour - this is a passage space between the outer and internal entrance doors

Did someone come to the mind of thought, why in the cold season in the apartment the door is not covered with the other? Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is good thermal insulation doors. But not only in this case. The main reason for the lack of land on the door is the presence of a vestibule - a small space that divides the entrance doors to the apartment and street. This room is also in a private house. But first things first.

Yandex Dzen.

Everyone wants to equip his home a few Minecraft traps that will protect your home from the griffers and even in some cases from evil monsters. Also, traps can be done to catch cryper, sheep or other mobs. If your home is not equipped with traps, then every griffer can approach it and kill you, and even worse robbery and destroy your home! So better do one of the favorites Minecraft traps Otherwise, sooner or later you will regret that they did not set them during. In addition to this trap, I can carry an entertainment character, with them you can play your friend or girlfriend.

How to translate minutes to hours and vice versa: examples, ways, interesting moments

Let's look at clearly how to translate minutes into hours and vice versa. To begin with, we will negotiate that we will need to know the arithmetic. After all, without calculations do not do here. If you do in the mind or on a leaflet it does not work, then use the calculator. Below will be almost all options for how to transfer minutes to hours.

How to remove photos in Instagram from a computer: Main ways, list of programs and services

Before removing the photo in Instagram from a computer, it should be remembered that the main functions of the service are available only in the application. However, editing publications on desktop devices is still possible. Removing pictures is made through third-party programs or programming codes.