Casual Casual style in clothes

Fashion stereotypes lose all meaning when it comes to Casual. The Word itself means in the English language unintentional, random. But this is only a formal translation, actually the essence is much wider. What it is - Causual style, best explained Maestro Fashion Karl Lagerfeld. He called him the implays of everybody in all their diverse incarnations.

Fashion stereotypes lose all meaning when it comes to Casual. The Word itself means in the English language "unintentional", "random". But this is only a formal translation, actually the essence is much wider. What it is - Causual style, best explained Maestro Fashion Karl Lagerfeld. He called him "the implays of everybody in all their diverse incarnations."

Styling Caushaw in clothes are inherent in the absence of strict canons, eyeling carelessness, convenience in street and business fashion. But in general, in particular, this is a creative approach to creating bold progressive images that are not just comfortable and practical, but also filled with elegant meaning.

Casual style on women

Style History History

Such a fashion-phenomenon like Casual has its own cultural and social roots. Fashion historians allocate two versions of origin - British and Scandinavian.

Casual style on models

  1. The British "pedigree" of this style is most closely associated with the subculture of TEDDS, or Teddy-Boys. In the 50s of the twentieth century, a youth layer was formed without aristocratic roots and decent education, but with good capital in his pocket and the possibilities of dressed expensive. It was Teddy-Boys that introduced the casual style of clothing, demonstrating disregard for the highest aristocracy. They wore branded inhabited things, combining them with deliberate negligence and maximum comfort for themselves. So, the English street gave the world a new fashion trend, which leaked "into the people" through other youth trends: from skinheads to sports fans.
  2. The Scandinavian version is based on the national traditions of life and costume for which multi-layeredness is characteristic, while simple and convenient. Over time, fashion designers opened the recipe "correct" multi-layered: shake, but not mix. And preferably expensive and "delicious" ingredients.

Distinctive features

The image in the style of Caushal is bold, addressed to modern active people. Those who are able to combine career with family and cope with different roles in society. For girls, this style of clothing was born out of the desire to satisfy the needs of those fashionistas who love to dress up easily. For them, in the first place - convenience, but with preservation in the details of notes of chic and sophistication. This is the characteristic of the features of Casual: practicality, comfort and elegance.

Casual Features

And it is the third factor that annoys the myth about the imaginary banality of the style. Casual, although based on concise and simple things, is not simple. It has no place for home clothes and a sloppy approach. He obliges to the feeling of taste and style, to the ability to choose comfortable things so that they make a unique and memorable ensemble for all occasions.

Types of Styles Causual

Casual - dynamic style of a big city. The application of the formulation of "urban style" emphasizes the multipleness and diversity inherent in the rhythm of the metropolis. And for each side of his life, a certain species of Casual was formed.

1) Smart Casual

Lock, finely combining strict silhouette with deliberate simplicity. That simplest that is expensive. This is a kind of business style Kazhal, full of "good girls" -stenth. Not only elements of representativeness, but also freedom of self-expression.

Smart Casual

Fashion Statement of the female wardrobe of this direction is a kindness in everyday life, brightness of paints, harmony of matter, accessories and wardrobe elements.

It is achieved by stylish pants, classic jeans, skirts, blouses without "frills", laconic turtleneck, vest, sweater. And, of course, Outfit will not take place without an accentuating scarf, an actual belt, a fashion bracelet, suitable accessories and a stylish bag. SMART CASUAL shoes are ballet shoes, leather or fabric, slips, Chelsea, low-heeled shoes. The main thing is to catch the balance of strict elements with informal details.

2) Business Casual

Business Casual style is close to the previous fashion genre, but is characterized by a more subtle approach. What is allowed in SMART mode is not suitable for Business. For example, a male smart causal allows you to put on a branded jeans with a polo shirt, and for the style of business Casual is rather a classic suit, but without a tie.

Business Casual

Main features: A person who chosen Business Casual looks quite officially, but it feels relaxed. Suitable for those who are painted with a strict dress code and wishes to dilute their office wardrobe. No wonder this litter received the informal name "Friday office fashion".

3) Active and Sporty Casual

Sport as Kazhal style implies not classes in a fitness club and not morning jogging. It rather characterizes the lifestyle and wardrobe with elements of a sports character. So, clothes for the hall and run should stay there - near the simulator and treadmill. But the diverse sweatshirts of the kangaroo, polo, T-shirts and all other things that are serving the promise to an active lifestyle, just make up Active and Sporty Casual.

Sports Casual

Stylish sweatshoes, sneakers and jeans - the main capsule of the wardrobe of this liter. An important signs are the minimum of accessories and the choice of materials. Sporty Casual fans like modern neoprene type fabrics, a footer and cozy knitwear, providing freedom of movements and a feeling of lightness.

4) Street Casual

If you add some fantasy flight to freedom of movement, and a walk in the park is replaced by a promenade along the embankment, then it turns out a street causal. Against the background of the other fashionable directions, Casual is the most eccentric and negligent. It is characterized by an extraordinary connection of bright accessories and familiar things. The wildests and golfs in patterns dictated by trendy geometry are put on. Do not shy to hooligan, taping extravagant caps and clings.

Street Casual

In general, with the choice of Street Causual, infinite features appear to demonstrate their style and uniqueness. And even if it is completely unacceptable for business circles, but is great for lunch in a cafe or shopping trip with a girlfriend.

5) Casual Chic

What includes the style of Casual Chic, the first described Nino Cherutti. He also released the first collection in this fashion genre. The motto here can perform the phrase "Combine Completeness", namely: expensive fabric with simple cut, simple outfit with a luxurious decoration. And the word "chic" in the definition of the style in no way calls to wear jeans with stones and wear sparkling jewelry. Restraint and elegance also reign here.

Casual Chic.

The pret-a-port collection in the style of Casual chic is not rare on high podium. Especially succeeded in this Armani, a decent successor of CERUTTI ideas. And no matter how much conservative designers affectionate, who consider Kazhal the lower stylist class, he already conquered both fashionable legislators, and a mass consumer.

What to wear

Images in the style of Casual, with all its democraticness, are built on certain principles:

  1. multi-layered;
  2. basic uncomplicated things;
  3. High quality things;
  4. a harmonious combination of prints and shades, optionally trend;
  5. Use accessories.

Casual How To Wear

Excluded: old-fashioned clothing, deliberate sexuality. Things are free Croes are welcome, but this is not the same thing that clothes are not in size with a claim on Oversize. The base of any causal-onion is simple T-shirts, T-shirts, tops, trousers Chinos and jeans (skinnie, cock, boyfriends), suitable for the ensemble sweater.

The most feminine style sequence will not interfere with the dress and skirts wardrobe. For example, Midy's lush models in a duet with sneakers have already become a classic genre. But the most typical Casual dresses are a "sweater" model, a dress-noodles, a shirt dress, as well as a minimalist case without unnecessary decorative elements. They are elegantly complemented by long concise vests of wool or cooked cocoon.

Shoes and accessories

The choice of shoes dictates first of all the season, and then then your own taste and mood. Casual basic shoes are sneakers, slips, leafers, low shoes on a flat sole, ballet shoes. Favorite sneakers, if they are not frankly sports, fit into the bow of almost any litax. But it was not for nothing that the call was called "Combining Frotem". Therefore, ships with spikes, cocks, a furred extraordinary decor, a newly fashionable leopard print and a snake pattern can be the main emphasis in the causal. And at the same time justify your new-fashioned name - Statement Shoes.

Casual Accessories

As for bags, their role is to be a nonsense, unobtrusive companion. Primary requirements; Laconic design, comfortable handle and capacity. Such is the Schopper model - the perfect bag in the style of Causual. An alternative can serve as a urban backpack today. Well, for the image of Casual Glamour, a laconic clutch has been created - a great pair for elegant boats at a low heel. The main thing is not to confuse Casual Glamor with New Onion, like the remaining subspecies of Casual with a grunge style, etc. Then the multi-layeredness will be appropriate, the image - collected, and trendy accents - in their places.

Style Casual (from English Casual - Casual) - hardly the most universal style of clothing, which you can only imagine. It is ideal for urban life: in the style of Causual you can appear on a walk, and at a meeting with loved ones and when going to the movies, etc. He will perfectly fit into the life of young mothers on maternity leave and in general all those who in their daily lives appreciate comfort and mobility.

Casual style: what it is and whom it fits
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What tasks is solved by Casual?

The main idea that the Casual style broadcasts is that In your image, everything should be comfortable - and clothing, and shoes . Things have a fairly simple and base clock, they are well sitting on the figure and do not deliver discomfort in the sock. Style Casual does not imply any rigorous framework, so that it is well suited to most women.

Casual style: what it is and whom it fits

What clothes are characteristic of Casual style?

Mainly wardrobe consists of the following positions:

  • Comfortable pants;
  • Jeans, well-sitting hips;
  • Knitwear - cardigan and / or sweater;
  • Shirt and / or blouse for more "official" outputs;
  • T-shirts - basic or prints;
  • Skirt of comfortable cut;
  • Jacket (not required for everyone, but fits well);
  • From the upper clothes - coat.
Casual style: what it is and whom it fits


Everything is simple enough: for the style of Kazhal is best suited to any convenient shoes for you in a flat run, also let's say a small stable heel - again, comfortable for everyday wearing. Lofaps, sneakers, shoes, boots, boots, shoes, shoes are perfectly suitable for all of the above things, as well as if it was comfortable and modern.

Casual style: what it is and whom it fits

Colors and prints

As a rule, women dressed in the style of Casual prefer more neutral shades. The muffled colors are well combined with each other, and visually always look more expensive and stylish. It is worth seeing to beige, black and white, gray gamut, khaki color, dark blue. Bright colors can be used spot as a bright accent if the image is obtained too simple.

Casual style: what it is and whom it fits

As for the prints, the geometry - a cell, strip, both small and medium sized, is best tugged with the Casual style. Of course, monophonic fabrics are ideally suited, and you can also experiment with Color Block.


What can be added to the image in the style of Casual so that all in it falls into place and the appearance looked more rapid? Here is the main list:

  • Bags: can be soft, and more structured;
  • Glasses: sunscreen in minimalistic frame, and ordinary with diopters;
  • Watch on a metal or leather bracelet;
  • Headwear: Bini hats, hats;
  • Scarves and scarves: monophonic or with restrained prints described above.
Casual style: what it is and whom it fits
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Casual style style

Casual style style

On the streets of modern megacols every day you can see millions of people, the outfits of which are very difficult to call traditional.

Moreover, sometimes it is almost impossible to understand what kind of stylist group it is the fact that a certain person put on behalf of. If there is a similar kind of doubt, then without exceptions it can be argued that the style of Caushal.

What it is

The name of this style comes from the English word "Casual", which translated into Russian means "everyday, daily". In other words, we are talking about the dress, which can be worn every day: to work, walk, sports. This is an unofficial style, with the selection of which the main focus was made on comfort.

The main feature of the Kazhal style is that he allows simplicity, but at the same time does not prohibit the use of bright accents and details. When creating an image in a similar style, you can wear both brand and ordinary things. However, some restrictions still have: when choosing a style of Casual, you should refuse to use rhinestones, rushes and other similar accessories.


Modern history is not reliably known, where and when a casual style originated. It is believed that Casual's homeland is Scotland, when at that time it was covered by football fever. Fans of favorite teams united into informal clubs, which composed songs and poems about their football heroes and provided moral support. These people preferred ordinary clothes, which was distinguished by maximum comfort. It could be jeans, sneakers, T-shirts and other similar clothes. The fan football movement was called Casual, which later became the name for the whole style direction in fashion.

After some time, Casual completely moved away from football and began to actively apply to people who went to the nature for rest. Then the stylistic direction was transferred to the megalopolis, becoming one of the most popular all over the world.

Casual preference gives not only young people, which has never been prone to traditional types of clothing, but also an adult generation. High level of comfort and freedom provide this style popularity. Thanks to a unique combination of convenience, practicality and attractiveness over the past 10 years, Casual has been able to get worldwide fame and popularity.

Characteristic and species

Given the fact that this style direction is translated as "negligent", most people believe that you can wear the first thing in the hands and with confidence to declare a stylish image. In fact, things are a little different. Only a small category of people can pick up a wardrobe based on this style and at the same time look attractive and fashionable. A frivolous approach to the formation of such a wardrobe leads to the fact that on the streets you can see a huge number of people dressed almost the same.

If someone considers the style of Casual monotonous or boring, he simply does not know all the features and varieties of this direction in fashion. Among the most popular species of everyday style can be allocated as follows:

  • Sport Causual - the direction that was popular due to the fact that there is a healthy lifestyle in fashion today. The main line of the direction is the use of elements of the sports direction - T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts and other sports attributes. It should be understood that Sport Kazhal is not a clothing that is intended for sports, but sportswear suitable for ordinary walks. An ideal option is considered a combination of basic components with sportswear. For example, it is very often on the street you can see young people who have jeans, sweatshirts and sneakers. This variety of everyday style is in great demand among active youth;
  • Street Caushal is what can be seen on modern streets. The main chip of this direction is that there are no rules or restrictions. Everyone can choose the combination that the most suitable for him. That is why Street Casual choose people who wish to emphasize their originality and individuality. The essence of the direction of conclusion in the grade selection of clothing and accessories at its discretion. The main principle that needs to be guided in the process of choosing clothes is its comfort;
  • Casual chic is less popular, but sufficient original view of everyday style. The direction was introduced into circulation by the Italian fashion designers who advised to combine objects that at first glance do not combine. The main essence of Caezual chic consists in combinations of simple elements with complex, comfortable fabric and prestigious accessories. When developing this direction, designers and fashion designers set themselves only one task - to combine attractiveness, luxury and convenience.

Features and advantages

Kezhal style can rightly be called the most popular in the modern world. Thanks to its unique features, Casual will be able to conquer the hearts of millions of fans around the world. The main requirement for clothing is its comfort. The main concept of creating an image in a daily style is to take into account the individual characteristics and characteristics of each person. No rules for a combination of clothing are not used here if it looks perfectly on a particular person. Such a free and unlimited approach to choosing clothes allows a person to feel freedom in the process of choosing clothes and select the most convenient options for itself.

That is why in the style of Casual you can always find jeans, pullovers, sneakers and other clothes, which ensures maximum comfort and freedom. Another feature of the styles of Caushaul is that when changing combinations you can get a few images. For example, one shirt can be worn with trousers, jeans or skirt, thereby turning out three different fashion images. If you add each version of the upper clothes in the form of a sweater, pullover or jacket, you can collect images for a week.

Despite such impressive democraticity, if the outcome of the wardrobe, which are not acceptable even for everyday style:

  • Any uniform, including military clothing;
  • Cardheck objects that are used for official events;
  • Business suits that are usually put on with a strict dress code;
  • National clothes.

To whom will suit

Casual style to some extent can be called universal, because it is suitable for every person - men, women, celebrities and even politicians. Great this style on men. The times when any image had to have a classical filling basis, have already passed. Instead of standard and unremarkable trousers, you can choose jeans or chinos. In the winter season, there will be a great acquisition of wool pants.

Casual style for men involves carrying shirts both fastened and out. Another symbolic subject can be a jacket, but not its classic option, but more modern. It can be monophonic jackets decorated with various inserts or accessories.

Casual style is ideal for both girls. Basic elements include jeans, skirt, dress. If you are looking for an outfit for every day, which will provide comfort and convenience, then the style of Casual is exactly what you need.

This style direction managed to let the roots not only in the usual life, but also to official events. Today, when preparing for the wedding, there are quite a few girls preference precisely everyday style. A combination of bright color solutions, the presence of original and embossed accessories - all this imagined the wedding wear of the bride in the style of Causual.

The main feature of the wedding dress made in the style of Casual is that it can be put on and after the celebration. The stylist direction is trying to say that there is no need to buy an expensive dress that can be put on only once in life. Any item of the wardrobe should be as practical as possible, even if it comes to the most important day in a person's life.

How to make a wardrobe

In order for the style of Casual watched and attractive, it is necessary to correctly pick up every element of the wardrobe. When creating any image in this style, it is better to use jeans as a basic element. It is around this subject matter of the wardrobe is best to build and select other products. The style here will directly depend on human preferences.

The main advantage of the style of Casual is that anyone in it will look great. Of course, when forming an image, it is necessary to take into account the distinctive features of the appearance and activity of a person, so that clothes look attractive and ensured the proper level of comfort.

Full people need to choose products that will not emphasize the flaws of the figure. It should be abandoned using tight clothes, which visually makes a person more than it really is. The choice must be made in favor of loose jeans or trousers with free cut, jumpers or hoodies.

Casual style in winter time is obliged to include warm sweaters or knitted sweatshirts. In combination with jeans, they allow you to create an interesting and bright image that the surrounding will necessarily appreciate.

No one is suitable for the working atmosphere better than a casual style. Clothes must be chosen in such a way that it interferes to work and contribute to the maximum concentration on the workflow. The most popular option for office work is the combination of jeans and shirts. Similar everyday, but not a careless style, it will be perfect at work.

Young mothers must form their style in such a way that they can be comfortably running for their child. Heels, tight dresses and other similar clothes, of course, immediately disappear. But jeans and sweater, which is an integral part of the style of Casual, will become an ideal solution to the problem.

The same applies to the elderly, for which safe clothes and its comfort is important. Free Croes or Wide Pants Will look great with sweaters and shirts.

Fashion trends

In the modern world, Casual style is not limited exclusively to jeans or sportswear. This season, designers and fashion designers offer wearing dresses and skirts of knitted fabrics or wool. Knitted cardigans, non-classic jackets and even down jackets can be used as outerwear. If only a few years ago, the down jackets were considered something tasteless, now every winter collection and fashionable show in the style of Casual necessarily include similar overhead clothes.

Depending on weather conditions, boots or shoes can be used as shoes. The style of Casual allows you to wear with jeans any version of the shoes - the main thing is that the legs are warm and comfortable.

The color scheme in the current season also does not know any restrictions. You can choose bright and tender shades, or give preference to brutal colors. Each makes his choice on the basis of personal preferences, however, it is very important not to overdo the number of colors used. The rule that the person should not be more than four different colors, acts in the style of Casual.

Given the fact that the main thing in everyday style is convenience and comfort, the popularity of certain materials is no doubt. Most of the outfits in the collections of modern designers include wool, knitwear, cotton and other natural materials.


Today it is safe to say that the fashionable style of Casual is at the peak of its popularity. Therefore, it is not strange that almost every well-known clothing manufacturer offers similar clothing. The secret of the success of casual wear is that it allows to emphasize the individuality of each person, while ensuring comfort and convenience.

Among the most famous companies that decided to devote some of their collections to this outstanding brand, Lacoste, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Gant and many others can be noted. Each brand offers its vision of the Kazhal style, but one remains unchanged: the clothes should be comfortable.

Stylish images and bows

Develop an interesting and bright image using Casual style is quite simple, however, it is necessary to follow certain rules:

  • The main point in the preparation of Luke should not be fashion, but the sensations of the person himself. Only in this case of clothes will be comfortable and the person will be able to feel free;
  • Clothes must be seamless depending on the features of the figure;
  • You do not need to spend money on brands, because Casual involves creating an image from any clothes;
  • You can not copy other people's images, as what is suitable for one person can look bad on the other.

One of the most popular images is a combination of jeans with a subtle sweater and open shoes. As additional accessories, you can use glasses, handbag, belt, various bracelets and necklaces.

To create a summer image, the "Militari" strings are perfectly suitable, a translucent top and a thin sweater as the outerwear. Strengthen the image using watches and bracelets.

Denim shorts and a free T-shirt are best combined with a denim handbag and suede shoes.

The style of Casual is rightfully the most convenient and popular. An uncountable amount of advantages allows each person to develop onions in this style and feel like a real fashionist.

Styles of clothing

Casual style in women's clothing

Casual style in women's clothing

Casual style in women's clothing is one of the most popular in today's fashion. He enjoys well-deserved love not only among young people, but also in adults, or even the older women. And this is understandable, because such democratic, comfort and opportunity to combine very different elements of the wardrobe does not boast any other style.


The word "Casual" in English means "everyday, negligent". This is how it is possible to characterize the wardrobe of this style. The rapidly developing street fashion and the tense pace of life make more women prefer the convenience and comfort of the exquisite classics. For this, I need a Kazhal style, ready to offer interesting, and, most importantly, comfortable casual outfits that are suitable for any life situations.

Skirts, sweaters, dresses, jackets, jeans, semi-treatments - all this is welcome in the direction of Casual. Interesting to choose such a way to dress can women of absolutely all ages, as well as various professions.

Casual is the perfect scope for self-expression. You can pick up a wardrobe that comes to work, walk, picnic outside the city - and at the same time look stylish.

The absence of strict canons also provides a huge selection of accessories and decorations suitable for image.


Speaking about the direction of Casual, it is impossible to say for sure where this style first appeared. It is believed that his homeland became Scotland, in the 60s captured by the real football "epidemic". Going to fan clubs, fans supported their teams, writing songs and poems, drawing banners. They dressed in a simple and comfortable clothing and shoes that do not limit the movements. This style was called Casual, which subsequently fastened and remained as this day.

When the football fever approached the end, the direction was by no means lost its popularity. The Italian designer Nino Chermurt became one of the first to distinguish the highlight in this style. He began working with him, and presented the world the concept of "negligent elegance". Quality and simplicity, as well as an inconceivable combination of refinement and ease, became a real skate of the collections of this fashion designer.

Subsequently, other brands paid attention to Casual, in particular, Georgio Armani. Boring office outfits he tried to refresh and make more interesting. Thanks to him, the office wardrobe became more versatile, practical and comfortable. Today, many girls and women choose exactly such a business style, and only a few prefer strict classics.

Features and style rules

In recent decades, Casual's popularity is only increasing, covering more and more age groups. Beauty and comfort is the best motto that you can come up with, speaking about this direction.

There are no strict rules in Casual that and how to combine, sometimes things may seem absolutely not compatible, however, putting them, you can form an interesting and outstanding ensemble. The lack of restrictions provides a huge freedom to the female half of the population in choosing his own Luke.

Ease, discrepancy and nothing that constrained movements - here are the characteristics that this style can also boast. Perfect in it and the fact that outfits can be easily alternating among themselves, even having only a few elements of the wardrobe.

For example, by purchasing a top or shirt, they can be worn under jeans or skirt, and it will be a completely different image. Also, the same jeans will allow you to look different every day, if you simply change the top. Thanks to such a variety of bows, which offers style, you will forever forget about the boring appearance.

Despite this extensive freedom of action, in Casual, there are still moments that need to be avoided. Such types of clothing as a uniform, evening dress, outfit for a strict dress code or workout in the gym You can not wear Caushal style.

Also inappropriate and combination with other directions, such as ethno, boho, grunge. The ladies who choose Caushal, designers recommend not to be put into endless chase for fashion or apply classic knowledge in color combinations. Casual is a real platform for fantasy, and only you decide how you look like, what things to wear and what financial expenses to prefer.

Who comes up?

Style versatility allows you to choose it absolutely to everyone, from schoolgirls to the elderly lady. In modern fashion, not cramped frames, it will look great for every woman, even if she is a pop star or politician.

The main thing is to choose the right basic wardrobe, from which you can later create dozens of fashion images.

Appearance, physique, life principles - All this does not matter to style Casual. And slender, and full girls, blondes and brunettes - any can choose clothing from the chic diversity of outfits, relevant in this direction.

At the same time, it is still worth adhere to some nuances. For example, slender ladies should not be abused by the Balahonic Thirds Oversis, and complete, on the contrary, to acquire too fitted clothing. However, the choice of accessories, basic wardrobe, individual elements - the whole of your freedom, there is no rigorous recommendations here.

Practicality and comfort Causual made the attention of even such demanding customers as the bride. The idea that expensive and magnificent dress can be put on and after the wedding, attracts more and more newlyweds.

Casual dresses for wedding ceremonies can already be seen in many collections of fashion designers, and the demand for them is only grows. Comfortable outfits of traditional and brighter colors will be indispensable for brides in the happy, but also very busy day of their lives.


Business Casual

This is one of the favorite styles of business ladies. He is unacceptable for a strict dress code, but in the case of loyal employers it is quite possible to afford.

Unlike still not far from the past, where the business image was restrained and perfectly strict, today's business ladies are inclined to democratic.

However, this does not mean that it is worth taking exclusively to their own comfort. What can be worn - skirt, pants, jacket, fitted dresses and, of course, stylish, but nonsense accessories.

Italian Causual

Italians, like the French, have their own exquisite, and extremely elegant style in clothing.

In the first place is convenience and comfort, and preference is given to natural quality fabrics and brand new items. Trousers, skirts, jeans, knitted dresses - all this Italian women are with dignity, however, they say clothes - not the main thing. Much more attention should be paid to bright and unusual accessories that will allow everyone to look individually.

Italian Casual is also famous for the love of wonderful ladies to expensive handbags that they skillfully combine even with sneakers.

Casual chic

This is another interesting style invented by the Italians. The main goal here is to combine luxury and comfort. The combination of simple with complex gave excellent results, and the direction began to gain popularity. Casual chic can be easily put on fairly simple clothes and choose a non-standard and even slightly fried accessory for it, thus forming a contrast, but a harmonious ensemble.


Such a style is very loved by women of all ages for their practicality and bold color solutions. Each can choose its personal image, emphasizing character, temperament and individuality. The most popular fabrics are here - cotton, denim, knitwear, leather. Fans of this direction can afford the most vivid and unusual combinations, as well as interesting accessories.

Street, or so-called Street Casual - one of the urban-style branches. There are no frameworks in it, it is allowed to combine even absolutely not combined things. The main principle is self-expression, so it will be suitable for creative, active and cheerful women who love openness and positive.


Casual for a wedding is an ideal solution for practical brides. First of all, it is attractive by the fact that not only newlyweds, but also guests do not have to pick up classic outfits, which will create a more relaxed and free atmosphere.

Casual style brides can go in two ways - choose full ease or combine it with classics. The first option is suitable for those who do not want to worry about the dress and plans to carry it later. The second way is to choose a traditional outfit and combine it with bright accessories - belt, bandage, ribbons, flowers.


Casual style involves wearing the fact that first is convenient and practical. It can be jeans, T-shirts, shirts. Very popular in everyday use of the stuff Oversiz, because they do not roll out movements and in hot time allow the skin to breathe. With such a style, you can completely combine the city causal, which is also appropriate for a walk, and in many types of professional activities.


This style prefers mostly youth than people older. Casual Glamour is a direction whose goal is a combination of negligence everyday and bright glamorous accessories. All colors are popular, which must be comfortable. Style fans love to emphasize their individuality due to unusual and extravagant shoes, massive sunglasses, exquisite handbags and clutches.

Fashion trends in spring-autumn 2021

Those who love Casual prefer him not only because of comfort and convenience, but also because clothing such a direction does not require large financial costs. This year, designers offer to wear knitwear, which is pleasant to the body, and easy to care.

Woolen things will also be very popular - dresses, skirts. What will never come out of fashion - denim and cotton, perfectly combined with each other. Denim shirts, skirts, jackets, and naturally, the jeans themselves are superbly suitable for cool, and for warm weather.

Among the color solutions, the fashion designers cannot come to a single opinion, which color is better than all. For wearing, you can choose any shade, the main thing is that things are beautifully combined with each other.

Business woman will suit calm pastel, beige, brown, gray and white tones, diluted with interesting accessories in the form of a handbag, scarf or sunglasses. For urban bows, you can choose bright, sometimes even screaming colors and nonsense accessories. Stylishly there will be checkered and striped things, but bright prints are not welcome.

As for accessories and shoes suitable for clothing, then the most fashionable will be branded leather backpacks, unusual clutches and bulk bags.

From the classics here it is better to refuse and give the will of fantasy.

Shoes should be at a low go, you can purchase lickers, slips, interesting sneakers, sneakers, ballet shoes, which street fashion allows combining and with jeans, and with dresses. Accessories Choose bright - large multicolored beads, original scarves, unusual earrings and rings - this year designers make a bet on accessories.

How to make a wardrobe?

Choosing things for your own wardrobe, it is worth relying not only for fashion trends, but also on your own taste, as well as the characteristics of the figure and the type of professional activity. First of all, you need to purchase jeans - the basis of the base of the style of Casual.

Slim and high girls have no problems with the choice of clothing, they are suitable for different types of things - and fitted, and oversize.

The magnified ladies know how difficult it is sometimes to buy not only comfortable, but also stylish modern clothes, so for full Casual girls - the optimal style, with which you can correct the figure and hide its flaws. Things are better to choose simple, not overloaded with rhinestones, scuffs, small details. It can be straight or slightly replete trousers and jeans, skirt on a figure or a trouser costume.

Shirts that can be refilled or wear with jeans are particularly popular. It is recommended to withstand a certain color gamut - black or dark blue bottom and light top.

For women, 30-35 years old Casual will become an excellent alternative to strict classics. Unspeteral, but stylish things, original accessories are an excellent solution for the official dress code, and for everyday socks. Pastel, sand and beige tones are welcome, which can be combined with dark blue, black and light blue shades. In the business situation, a wonderful choice will be stylish pants or jeans in combination with a shirt, sweater or blouse. For urban walk, a knitted dress, loose jeans, knitted sweater or sweatshirt suitable.

Women from 40 and 50 years will have to choose the wardrobe more carefully than twenty-year. The color palette should be nonsense - beige, gray, blue, blue, green, marsh, brown, mustard tones, as well as khaki and dairy.

However, occasionally needed and move away from the generally accepted rules, so the coat or sweater of the color of Marsala, bronze, bright raspberry and orange shades are only welcome among the ladies of such age. From the tissues, it is preferable to stop your choice on knitwear, cotton and denim. Clothing Clothes Select free, I wonder the pants, mirdy skirts, jeans, dresses and overalls will look.

As for the elderly fans of the Kazhal style, here the recommendations of the designers do not differ from those that they give 40- and 50-year-old women. No "grandmother's" clothes, only stylish and interesting things. The only thing - things should not be too balahonic, nor too fit, you have to look for a golden middle.

In the cold autumn and winter time, the Kazhal wardrobe includes knitted sweaters, warm woolen dresses, coat Overseas. In combination with jeans, the sweatshirt looks interesting. For cold weather, the basic winter wardrobe must include dark jeans, several light tops, a knitted sweater and upper clothes - a coat, a cardigan or a jacket. It is recommended to select a contrasting color palette, for example, beige top and dark blue bottom.

For mothers, Causual style is a real find, because most of the time they need comfortable and cozy clothes. It also needs to take care of the preparation of basic wardrobe, which will help to plan images for a whole week. Several pairs of jeans, skirt and pants need to be purchased every fashionable mom. The top is desirable to choose depending on the weather, in winter it is warm sweaters, sweatshirts and knitted sweatshirts, in summer - T-shirts, tops, T-shirts.

School age is not a problem for Casual, because it does not always want to wear a school uniform. Children's wardrobe for girls is very easy to choose, focusing on "business" colors - blue, gray, brown, black, white, blue. School outfit should not be bright and catchy, as well as richly decorated. In winter, fitted black pants, jeans or skirts, which need to be combined with a simple knitted sweater, an interesting jacket or cape. In the summer, it looks beautifully a simple T-shirt with a minimum design, striped and plaid blouse, as well as a dress of calm colors.

Casual clothing brands

Being on top of popularity, the Style Causual is actively using almost all fashion designers in their collections. One of the most famous brands who have chosen such a direction for themselves - Lacoste. Founded in 1993, today it offers a huge range of casual clothes for women and children. The highlight of the brand is that in many collections, the designers are street artists who, like no other traded trends.

Burberry is another manufacturer, ready to provide high-quality products even the most demanding clients. In their collections, designers connect female and men's starts, creating universal and practical things. The most popular pattern is a cell.

Also, fashion designers produce clothing for teenagers and children.

Marc O`polo rightfully occupies one of the advanced positions on the manufacture of styles of Casual. Target audience - 20-45 years. Clothing of this brand is extremely high-quality and convenient, moreover, interesting design and finishing make it a real find for fashionistas. Among the color solutions, the brand prefers white, blue and brown tones.

Other brands specializing in Casual - Armani, Gant, Fred Perry, Fila. And this is not all, there are a lot of brands for such a direction, more and more designers are inclined to him due to high demand and convenience in wearing.

Stylish images

In the spring and cool summer, the combination of jeans with an overwhelmed waist and a light colorful blouse will create an interesting fresh image. You can add it a denim jacket and white slips with a floral print. A small beige handbag is suitable from accessories.

Fashionable summer bow will provide a combination of spacious lightweight tunic with jeans. Ostropy bright ballet shoes, beige bag-clutch, original scarf and sunglasses will create a calm and gentle ensemble.

Bright accessories - fashionable trend of styles Causual. Therefore, the bulk bright green scarf will be perfectly harmonized with milk color coats, jeans and light brown shoes.

Clock, small bracelet and black handbag harmoniously finish image

Irresistibly and interesting will look like a lady, solved to combine black, gray and white colors. Black dress medium length, warm woolen cape, white sneakers, glasses and an unusual hat will allow you to look out street stylish.

It rarely happens that the same fashionable direction is equally in demand and loved by both women and men - this is exactly the same as Casual style (Eng. Casual - "Casual", "Random"). This pretty careless and at the same time such a practical style makes the image natural and relaxed.

Options of the onions Causual
Casual style images

Many characteristic features of causal-style determines it Universality , After all, everyone can choose something suitable for itself, individual and distinctive, but at the same time a kind and simple, and not be afraid of what it will look like everything.

Casual is suitable for various age and social groups - this is its versatility and indispensability for teenagers, men and women

Key characteristics of styled Casual

The main characteristic of this trendy direction will call it everyday life. Casual style clothing does not apply to elegant and solemn - these are the items of the wardrobe, which are constantly carrying, do not have a complex cut and cordical decorative decoration.

Men's clothing
Male style casual

The casual causal clothing clearly belongs:

  • Jeans and simple pants simply;
  • T-shirts, Hoodies, sweatshirts without prints and bright sports details;
  • shirts and blouses simple cut;
  • jumper, sweaters;
  • Dresses and skirts of simple styles.

Casual-style is the clothes that can be put on training sessions or for shopping, for a trip to visit or for a walk, it is convenient for any trips. The clothes of this style will fit for office everyday life if the enterprise's regulations are not stipulated by a strict dress code.

how to create onions in the style of Casual
Ideas for images in Casual-Style

For Casual characteristic absence of strict frames , It is for this reason that he fits all. But it is not worth confused by this practical style with "put on, which turned up on the arm": Casual wardrobe is always high-quality, practical and not picky in the care of fabric, things are perfectly combined with each other and are well sitting on the figure.

Casual for warm weather
Summer Casual

Sometimes it is difficult to somehow specifically describe the keell-style. Here you look at the image and understand - yes, this is Caushal. But in order to learn how to make such a wardrobe, it should be understood which things to Casual are not exactly related.

What is excluded in the style of Casual

To create a causal style, the following clothing is not suitable:

  • Formal, strict and even the primordial things - like uniforms and stylized clothing of wardrobe items;
  • solemn clothing and evening outfits;
  • Sportswear often belongs to Casual, but this is a completely different direction with its rules and laws;
  • Clothes, obviously related to ethno-style, and various religious wardrobe items;
  • Classical traditional clothing - so, the Casual-style does not include classic straight pants, nor a pencil skirt;
  • Wardrobe objects, clearly defining the owner's affiliation to one of the subcultures.

The above objects of the wardrobe have nothing to do with Casual. If you wish and the presence of a good taste, you can effectively combine Casual and, for example, a classic or sporty style. Such a mix sometimes looks very unusual and original.

What to wear for every day
Street Casual Style

Why many people like casual

It's all about the naturalness of this style. Casual-clothes are convenient, beautiful, pleasant in wearing, besides, it does not require special care - no dances with tambourines around eating, smoothing, guidance arrows. Such clothes It should not look at the perfect , It can even be mad slightly.

Convenient dress
Shirt dress in Casual images

In this style there are no strict requirements varying from the season for the season, depending on how the wind fastened trends. The absence of a framework in the choice of color and texture allows you to effectively emphasize your own individuality.

Once by purchasing a successful and high-quality causal thing, we can wear it over

Examples of Casual combinations

It seems to be with the theory everything is clear, but a stupor often occurs in the store - how and with what to wear and combine the objects of Causual-Gardened clothes? Let us give a few specific options:

  • For Casual wardrobe are ideal jeans . Modern jeans are very diverse and, if you want to look fashionable for several seasons, stock up several stations.
  • Different color, length of sleeves, degree of fitness, etc. Jacques Speecually complement and jeans and dresses, and skirts.
What to wear a jacket
Blazer in Casual Style Images
  • Casual dress - Different styles and length. To this everyday category, you can safely include everything except classic evening outfits: Comfortable light summer dresses made of natural fabrics, dress-shirts, dress-and-case dresses and, of course, dress-bag!
  • Do not forget about pro Casual shoes - It is always convenient. It includes sneakers and boots, sandals and ballet shoes, moccasins, half boots and boots. Let's say separately: Casual is definitely not the relationship of high heel shoes and even classic heels at the heel of medium height - but it is the boats who often serve as an ideal addition to the Cezual image created.
with what shoe wearing causal things
Autumn Casual image with an emphasis on shoes

And of course, Accessories which many forget about. Everyday - does not mean, it is not elegant, and it is the accessories that will help make an image of feminine and stylish. For Casual, the use of scarves and scarves, a variety of hats, decorations, belts and bags.

Selection of accessories
Accessories Casual

How much causal wardrobe costs

Things designed for repeated daily wearing, in principle can not be cheap. These are certainly high-quality wear-resistant fabrics, most often natural or with a slight addition of polyester fibers.

Synthetics in such things - the requirement of practicality: clothes are not as crumpled and wear out, withstands multiple washers without losing the appearance of appearance

Casual-style wardrobe items are often performed from high quality knitwear: such things are pleasant for the skin, sit cool on the figure, are simple in storage and care. The knitted canvas in the clothing of famous manufacturers is practically not subject to deformations, they do not form tightening.

Girl in comfortable clothes
Kazhal-wardrobe knitwear

Footwear of popular brands either can also be cheap due to the quality of materials and execution technologies. High quality products causes their high cost But such things can be worn constantly and not one season.

Following video It will clearly tell you what the style of Casual and its foundations, how to form images in this popular daily style with photo examples:

Translated from English, the term "Casual" (read as "Casual") means the casual style of clothing or causal style. The basic idea of ​​Casual dress code is to choose a comfortable, practical and diverse clothing, which is not suitable under strict rules of formal clothing and strict forms of dress code.

You can say with confidence that a rare man is not in the wardrobe of jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, sneakers, leather jackets, and so on. The combination of all this is casual style, including the use of different clothing manufacturers and modes in one image.

Style Casual Story begins in the European city of Aberdeen, Scotland. The fans of the local football club founded the movement "Aberdeen Soccer Casuals", where a distinctive feature was a wearing a certain brand of clothing and the absence of any stripes, attributes on clothes. It was the sport that became a catalyst for the growth of the popularity of Casual style, especially during the period of the XX century.

There are two main varieties of dress code: Smart Casual style and business casual style, but the separation of conditionally and boundaries are quite blurred.

As in any style, one of the important requirements for Casual clothing is a properly selected size. Whatever good clothes were, if it is not on your figure, then consider money to be thrown into the wind. Very often, the models of this or that manufacturer of clothing may not suit you on the style, landing or something else. This is normal. The main thing is to find that clothes that is well sitting on you, and then accurately select the findings of the wardrobe on the figure.

What to wear from above?

Casual style is not possible to imagine without a T-shirt. In the warm season, it is best to wear a short sleeve T-shirt, which ends in the middle of the biceps. The shape of the T-shirt should moderately facilitate your body, and the lower part to end at the belt level, just below the waist.

T-shirt wear with jeans, shoes or sneakers. For a variety, try to wear a cotton blazer on top and chinos trousers. T-shirt color can be any, however, I recommend to have white, gray, black and dark blue T-shirt in my wardrobe.

Lilac Casual T-shirt
Lilac Casual T-shirt

Black casual T-shirt
Black casual T-shirt

Casual shirt is characterized by a variety of color and drawing of the fabric, from which it is made. Often, the shirt is not refilled, but hangs over jeans or other pants. Choosing a shirt color, follow up, again, to combine with other elements of the wardrobe. Universal colors: white, blue, burgundy, black, gray. However, it is still worth having a couple of color options, for the diversity of your wardrobe.

Casual shirt, like a shirt under a suit, should approach the width of the collar and the length of the sleeves. The easiest option, put the shirt, and try to cover 2 fingers between the neck and the collar. Turning the head, the collar must remain in place.

The sleeve cuff should be ended in the field of the wrist. Remember that if you wear a blazer or jacket, the cuff must be 1-1.5 cm. From under the jacket sleeves. Look at infographics about how a shirt should sit.

Checkered Casual Shirt
Checkered Casual Shirt

Blue casual shirt
Blue casual shirt

The polo shirt with short sleeves and a soft collar has proven itself among people who prefer a casual clothing style. It is best to have several multi-colored, polo shirts, such as white, black, purple, orange colors. Do not buy polo with big drawings on your back or chest, if only it is not corporate clothes. By the way, I recommend reading about the types of men's T-shirts on our website.

Red Polo Shirt
Red Polo Shirt

Gray Polo Shirt
Gray Polo Shirt

Sweatshirt with a hood and symbolism on his back switched to Casual style from the world of sports, where the athletes dressed her on top of the T-shirt outside the playground. The sweatshirt is suitable for jeans, sneakers, a T-shirt, but most likely, do not fit the chinos and shirt under the trousers. Therefore, it is necessary to properly pick up the sweatshirt under your wardrobe so as not to limit yourself in choosing other details of the wardrobe.

Sweatshirts can be of any color, but it is best not suitable for one-time, but color with an unusual pattern on the back or chest to diversify the wardrobe.

Blue hooded hood
Blue hooded hood

Beige sweatshirt
Beige sweatshirt

In the cold season, a good sweater helps to warm up. There is a huge number of models, varieties of materials and the color of the sweaters that we have considered in the article how to choose a man's sweater. Only some theses mention:

The most official form has thin sweaters with a round and V-shaped collar without buttons and lightning. Such models can wear over a shirt or t-shirt. Thicker sweaters with a big viscous have a more casual, casual view.

Black sweater
Black sweater

Blue sweater
Blue sweater

Selecting Casual jacket should be guided by the same principles as when buying a business suit. The jacket should sit well in the shoulders, the sleeves should be slightly shorter shirt sleeves. The length of the jacket should be at the level of the thumb, if you lower your hand down. For casual style, only a single-breasted jacket with one or two buttons will suit. The material should be from the line of more everyday, such as: cotton, flax, tweed, cotton and wool mixture.

Try to wear chinos trousers, pick up a tie under a jacket and shirt, then you will get to create a Smart Casual style that looks more formal.

Dark blue Casual jacket
Dark blue Casual jacket

Beige casual jacket
Beige casual jacket

Perhaps one of the cults of the male casual wardrobe, you can consider a leather jacket. Throughout the XX century, she personified freedom, rebellious nature and strength. There is no doubt that in your closet there should be at least one black leather sheep or calf leather jacket, which will look great with jeans, t-shirt and classic male shoes.

Leather Casual Jacket
Leather Casual Jacket

Casual leather jacket
Casual leather jacket

Many denim jacket will be associated with the period of the 90s, when each second man wore a jacket made of denim. However, fashion is slowly returning and it is quite possible to afford to wear chinos or cordry trousers, and on top of a classic denim jacket with a t-shirt.

I strongly do not recommend putting the denim jacket from above and jeans from below. Stylishly, you won't call it.

Classic denim jacket
Classic denim jacket

Dark denim jacket
Dark denim jacket

Daflcot is a single-breasted coat with a hood and buttons in the form of a tooth or a beast fang. Daflcot coat, very love to wear students, as well as people of art of France and the UK. Once upon a time, Daflcot was manufactured for the military, but later became a stylish object of the outerwear.

In the autumn or spring season, Daflcot will be an excellent addition to Casual style. As for the color, the classic can be called a beige or dark blue color, but you can buy any other to your taste.

Dark blue Daflcot
Dark blue Daflcot

Classic Daflkot.
Classic Daflkot.

What to wear below?

In any image, there is a main component that characterizes the style. Jeans is the main component of the Casual style. It is best to choose narrow (not fully tight) SELVEDGE DENIM jeans. In the store find such jeans easily, simply end the head and pay attention to the edge, it should be the same as shown in the picture.

Selvedge Denim Edge
Edge on Selvedge Denim Jeans

I am deeply convinced that every man should have in a closet of 2-3 jeans of different colors. Classic flowers can be considered: light blue with curbs, dark blue / indigo.

Never buy jeans with any stripes or inscriptions for the entire fifth point!



Chinos trousers are an excellent alternative to jeans. I recommend having a couple of pants in a more formal and less formal color. For example, neutral and classic colors like: dark blue, gray, beige and brown, will look more formally. Green, orange, burgundy - informal colors.

Under the chinos trousers, sports blazers or jackets are well suited. As for the material, tweed will come in cold time, velvet; In the warm season - cotton or mixture of cotton and flax.

Beige casual pants chinos
Beige casual pants chinos

Dark blue Casual pants chinos
Dark blue Casual pants chinos

One black and one white sneakers with a minimum of additional parts / jewelry - everything you need in summer or warm spring. You can slightly expand a list of summer casual shoes using top-siders or moccasin.

Casual Shoes Moccasins Dark Blue
Casual Shoes Moccasins Dark Blue

Casual Shoes Top Careers Brown
Casual Shoes Top Careers Brown

In winter, the best choice will be the "workers" boots (Work Boots) or sports shoes. The latter are very similar to sneakers with fur. For more information about winter men's shoes, read in previous publications.

Boots Timberland.
Boots Timberland.

Leather Sneakers Boots
Leather Sneakers Boots

You can try to combine classic shoes and casual style. Classic men's shoes are not only shoes with a pointed nose, so I recommend reading an article on

In addition to the main casual clothing, you can pick up some accessories. First of all, it is a clock, a belt and a bad handkerchief, which must also correspond to everyday style.

The clock can be any shape and color; With leather, metal, plastic or tissue strap. The clock can even be sporty, it will not harm the casual style. More information about how to choose a man's watch, read in our past publications.

As for the belt, it should also approach Casual style. As a rule, belts for everyday style make out of thick skin with a large buckle or tissue with a buckle in the form of a gentle clip. How to choose a belt a man, you can also in our early publications.

The chest card is best to choose an unusual color or picture so that it is combined with other details of clothing. By the way, read how to fold the handkerchief in the casual style to not guess with the form.

Of course, I listed not all the details of Casual wardrobe, which today are in stores. Nevertheless, the general idea of ​​everyday style you now have. The main goal, which is always pursued by the style of Casual - to be dressed as comfortable and practical as possible. Correct your size correctly and buy clothes from natural materials.

Find your casual style and do not be afraid to experiment, because here, as anywhere you can combine, it would seem that inequate things. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in what we carry.

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