How to call a taxi: Hporkles for boys and girls, what name you can choose for a black puppy, red color or russian

Dachshund - a born hunter, not confused and to this day its hunting instincts.

oneDachshund - a born hunter, not confused and to this day its hunting instincts.

At the same time, it is possessing and cheerful, good temper.

That is why the breed has become so popular not only among hunters, but also among dog lovers.

Possessing and, dachshund has become the perfect pet.

Of course, the nickname for one of the most inquisitive, energetic, agile dogs with a good expressive look should be appropriate.

Consider what name you can choose for your dachshunds.

How to choose a nickname for a dog?

Of course, the right to choose a nickname for a pet fully belongs to the owner, he calls the dog as he tells him the heart. However, there are recommendations of specialists to which you can rely on when choosing a name for your dog.

Here are some advice of experienced dog breeders when choosing a nickname for a dog :

  • When choosing a nickname, navigate to the dog breed, its external features and temper;
  • Choose a nickname brightly sounding, preferably of two syllables, as the taxes remember the first syllable of their own behalf;
  • Pick words with ringing consonants in the first syllable: d, s, g, according to the observations of breeders, the feces are better responding to such nicknames;
  • Accent attention when choosing a name for rich pedigree taxes;
  • When choosing foreign nicknames, specify its value.

Nickname for It is better not to invent in advance, choose the name after meeting with the pet, having communicated with him for a while .


How does it affect the character?

The well-known professor of psychology Boris Higir is convinced that the dog's nickname is encoded information about its character and moral.

After all, the name is a specific set of a phone game that encourages the dog to one or another behavior.

If you believe this theory, then the dog's nickname may well affect its actions, on the formation of character and further fate .

"A set of letters in zonim is strongly affected by the character of the taxes. If there are only solid consonants in the name of the dog, her character will be tougher, and vice versa. Consider this moment when you choose a nickname. It is also not necessary to give preference to long words, because the dog is distinguished by compact size, and as a result, Archibald will be just Archie. It is also important that the fact that the dachshund needs permanent training, so you will not have to use her nickname, choose a harmonious nickname. "


Popular names for black dachshund

Pure dachshunds are an infrequent phenomenon.

Choosing such an individual, it is an emphasis on its outstanding appearance. :

  • For boys of black color, the following zonimes will come : Black, Zhudas, Ireng, Karai, Musty, Negro, Niro, Noir, Preto, Sweet, Fekes, Hit, Shahri, Schwartz, Shem.
  • For girls, the following nicknames are suitable for girls : Alat, Andera, Scale, Giza, Dark, Duski, Dorka, Layla, Knight, Nikta, Blue, Suam, Tamsui, Finister, Sheny, Erreta.

In Russia, pure black colors is considered a marriage, but American breeders consider such a color quite acceptable.


How to call a boy?

So, you are a happy owner of the boy's dachshunds, you have a responsible selection of nickname for him. Consider possible variations.

Brown or red-black color

Such wool colors are quite frequent phenomenon from representatives of the dachshund.

The following zonimes will fit the boys of brown and red-black color: Archie; Barney; Bobby; Brooke; Vito; Harry; Jam; Diego; Casper; Chris; Martin; Maurice; Muscat; Pancho; Ramon; Robi; Roy; Hugo.


Names with a special meaning

A true gift for your pet and an unusual solution will be the selection of a name with a special meaning, emphasizing the pet and your attitude towards it.

Here are the possible options for boys :

  • Amethyst (proud, strongly tied to the owner with an independent character);
  • Harold (bold, confident, is well trained);
  • Jason (good-natured and non-aggressive);
  • Dominic (having a sense of self-esteem, balanced);
  • Kalvin (phlegmatic);
  • Karl (dog having a good intelligence);
  • Kin (active, noiseless dog);
  • Claude (Dog Good Soul, Loving Children);
  • Micah (dog showing tenderness and affection).
  • Mei (dog-keeper acts soothing on the owner and domestic);
  • Oscar (powerful, self-respecting dog, good defender and friend);
  • Richard (desperate dog, devotion to the owner);
  • Timothy (hardy and impulsive dog);
  • Charlik (charming dog, adoring affection and the attention of the owner).



The ideal option will be the choice of an old Russian name or nickname for a boy, for example : Alex, Ataman, Balamut, Baron, Badger, Bulat, Buyan, Dobrynya, Dog, Don, Danube, Evlampius, Hunts, Testament, Mamay, Young, Styanka, Phil, Khan.



You can give a tribute to the country of origin of the dachshund breed and call the dog to the German name.

Here are the possible options for boys : Andi, Bernie, Wolf, Gunti, Dimo, Dieter, Jens, Claus, Chris, Martin, Pet, Rolly, Svenni, Thomas, Torsten, Uwe, Frank, Fred, Hannes, Helmut, Stef, Yurgg.



If you and your pet have a good sense of humor, love to have fun and think together, you can stop the choice on one of the following zonimov : Cactus, Casper, Cupcake, Muscat, Ninja, Pancho, Pudding, Ramses, Scout, Scotch, Scooter, Twister, Tikak, Tomahawk, Tube, Fruit, Hippie, Hobbit, Chaplin, Schnitzel.


On temperament

Nickname for a dog is a reflection of its temperament.

If your pet has bright character traits, you can use them when choosing a zononym .

So, if you are the owner of a calm, balanced or even slow dachshund of a boy, then it is suitable for the following nicknames: Slowa, Spike.


If the boy loves to robbery and lean, then the following names are suitable for him: a gangster, Barmalei, Volcano, Pirate, Rembo.

For smart and intelligent peskov, the following zonimes are suitable: Daniel, Mind, Rus, Stavr, Holy, Trorger.

If your pet is leaning and silent, pick it up with a corresponding name, for example: Archi, Bax, Graph, Denis, Roy, Chuck.


How to call a girl?

Girls dachshunds are more affectionate, good and calm. It is necessary to take into account these criteria when choosing the appropriate name.

Brown or red-black color

For girls, the following nicknames are suitable for girls : Agira; Ivori; Irish; Gaby; Gardi; Grand; Countess; Jesse; Juna; Didi; JESSION; Kayli; Crazy; Nira; Tiger.


Names with a special meaning

Mystical names with meanings are ideal for mysterious and mysterious persons.

They emphasize the uniqueness of your dog, you can stop the choice on one of the following zonos :

  • Adeline (a dog having a gentle, caring character and loving children);
  • Babette (calm and peaceful);
  • Barbara (responsive and caring);
  • Gloria (a little capricious, but domestic dog);
  • Daisy (possessing good watchdogs and developed maternal instinct).
  • Gilda (Balovnitsa, requiring training);
  • Eva (tied to one owner, jealous);
  • ZILL (smart, curious);
  • Irma (more respects the hostess, independent and wayward);
  • Lyme (a dog of strict and disciplined in the lava);
  • Lizzy (owner of an independent and strong character);
  • Nera (cheerful, adore for playing with children, cheerful);
  • Tina (very sensitive and empathizing dog);
  • Flora (the source of joy and love, is infinitely devoted to the owners);
  • Hilda (deals deals to children and poorly tolerate cold).



There are many beautiful Russian names that are suitable for Tax girls, for example. : Alca, Squirrel, Bogdan, Vaks, Spring, Vlad, Vlasta, Gordyana, Darina, Dollana, Yellow, Fun, Zlata, Iva, Krasya, Lelia, Mlada, Joy, Tuchka, Umka, Fekla, Tsypu, Chaika, Yula, Berry , Yarina.



Among the German names there are good options for girls, for example : Birgit, Walter, Gabi, Gerda, Gertruda, Didi, Ingi, Krishi, Krishshi, Lizbet, Mani, Marie, Matti, Merrta, Mikhael, Sven, Thomas, Costa, Heini, Helma, Hossey.



Taxi girls can also be joker, balobnits, it is for such the following menu : Chord, Alice, Gamma, Iriska, Kilka, Cleo, Kunya, Kunya, Lipa, Margo, Penelope, Bun, Strip, Bullet, Sabrina, Sparta, Totti, Totifrani, FIFA.


On temperament

For calm, balanced and phlegmatic girls, the following names are suitable : Peace, Tisch, and for active - Next: Butterfly, Squirrel, Kvika, Button, Through, Things.

As a rule, the girls are affectionate and smart, they are suitable for the following zonimes. : Adel, Bunny, Dina, Button, Paw, Lask, Martha, Umka.

For good, gentle and artistic dogs, you can choose one of the following clicks. : Agatha, Della, Gina, Josie, Kira, Martha, Linda, Mink, Shell, Tina, Uza.

For fun, active and playful ladies, the following names are suitable : Vaksa, Vanilla, Visp, Babe, Mieca, Hypza, Tree, Jew, Iriska, Blossom, Button, Candy, Cuckoo, Larisa, Lyalka, Milk, Peppi, Pixie, Fir, Button, Bee, Ranetka, Saladel, Simka, Sum , Halva, Tsypa, Chunga-Chang, Chucha, chocolate, berry.


How not to call?

Adhering to certain rules for the choice of zonim for the dachshund, it is important to take into account the opinion of specialists about how it is still not worth calling a dog :

  • Try not to use difficult and long words in the name of the dog;
  • Do not invent complexed clinic, whose value is unknown;
  • Do not call the purebred dogs with nicknames for docks, such as Bobik, Bug, Ball, Tuzik, etc.;
  • Do not give names pets that cause negative emotions or memories;
  • Do not give real human names common in your country, for example: Masha, Vasya, Lena, Katya, Vova, etc.;
  • Do not overdo it with a sense of humor when choosing a nickname, for example: sausage, battery, etc.;
  • Do not focus on disadvantages of dogs, for example: chromium, popware, etc.

Remember that the nickname dogs you have to pronounce a great many times. Prefer the simple, memorable, but beautiful zonony.


Most popular names

For invented many beautiful and suitable names. Usually when choosing a zonium for small dogs, the emphasis is on their size .

But given the rich in the history of the breed and other characteristics of the taxes, the choice of nicknames expands. Consider the most popular dachshund breed zonimes.

In boys

The most common and beautiful names for boys dachshund are considered the following : Archi, Baxter, Barry, Buli, Harry, Gustav, Dandy, Joker, Larry, Martin, Marilyn, Roy, Sticker, Stich, Tobby, Felix, Fox, Fred, Hans, Charlie, Choco, Eddie.



Popular names of girls Taks are : Basia, Betty, Bonya, Gerda, Jen, Dolly, Candy, Cleo, Knop, Lady, Lola, Mile, Pixie, Rosie, Stefi, Tiksi, Tina, Tracy, Floris, Shuga, Elsa, Utah.

Despite its small sizes and a funny physique, the taxes are good hunters and guard, they are smart and committed to the owner.

Representatives of the breed are usually good-natured, loving, possess a playful character and very inquisitive . Taxes are worthy of a thorough approach in choosing a nickname based on their personal qualities.


Useful video

From the video, you will learn all about the breed of dogs "Taxa":

In contact with




Taxa - Popular breed not only in Russia, but also around the world. Such dogs have fun appearance and differ in mind and context. And if a representative of this breed appeared in the house, then the first thing is the question of choosing a name for the taxes. But much depends on the appearance, temperament and in the nrava of the pet.

Choosing a name for a girl and a boy

For boys, there are many different names of the name.

Serious and solid nickname options:

  • Amur, Barhan, Bor, Weiss, Viscount;
  • Graph, Jack, Damar, Jacques, Georges;
  • Zeus, Zord, Ilot, Cliff, Carno;
  • Lir, Lorri, Milan, mayor;
  • Norton, Noir, Clyde, Klim;
  • Mavr, Morris, Nord, Knight;
  • Oscar, Olympus, Stan, Tod, Wilfred;
  • Forest, chord, Caesar, Shawn, Engel.

It is possible, on the contrary, to emphasize the features of the appearance of this breed. In this case, it is possible to call an adult dance boy with one of these nicknames:

  • Tube, Skutter, Hobbit;
  • Hot dog, cactus, Casper.

It is interesting: Character and appearance dachshund

The bitch of the dachshund breed is usually affectionate and attached to the owner, which means they are suitable cute and elegant nicknames:

  • Adel, Martha, Wicks, Kerry, Afhelia, Agatha;
  • Barbie, Amir, Samantha, Shakira, Gloria;
  • Ii, Zhasin, Elsa, Sherry, Shelley;
  • Fiona, Fairy, Ursula.

Look even more clicks here.

If these names seem too sophisticated, an alternative will be understood by her homework:

In color wool

Dachshunds are monochrome or two-color. And the popular shades of color is black, white, brown, red and gray.

In Russia, the puppies of the resin colors are considered second-sour, whereas in many other countries this color is appreciated on a par with the rest.

An animal black color nicknames are recommended:

  • Corner, Gypsy, Shadow;
  • Blueberry, Black, Onyx.

The bearer of light wool is suitable one of the following names:

  • Co., marshmallow, meringue, edelweiss;
  • Frost, avalanche, needle, chill.

If you are lucky to become the owner of brown peel, the following options will be appropriate:

  • Browni, Kashtan, Oak, Iresh;
  • Tiger, Ivory, Chokko;
  • Mokko, Snickers, Mars.

For red color, nicknames fit:

  • Zoltan, Zlata, Goldi, jeans;
  • Dorra, Fayer, Spark.

Golden color of wool among dachshund owners is considered the most spectacular.

Popular names for gray dogs:

  • Graphite, smoke, ash;
  • Shadow, Dusty, Pebble.

Funny names

Recommended funny and, at the same time, cute nicknames:

  • Tick ​​so, schnitzel, cactus, spray;
  • Iriska, Kunya, Bun, Pipa, FIFA;
  • Candy, Halva, Tsats, Shumka, Chucha;
  • Patty, pretzel, olive, Makaroška, ​​dough.

Beautiful and popular nicknames

Such nicknames are usually universal and do not depend on the appearance or nature of the pet.

Experienced dog breeders consider the following names as attractive and suitable for taxes:

  • Archi, Harry, Andrew, Robert, Maillin;
  • Buffy, Guffy, Marlin, Martin;
  • Eddie, KNOP, Rose, Yula;
  • Tila, Tofi, Dorry, Bow.

With meaning

Many believe that the name defines fate, and both a person and a pet.

List of nicknames with decoding:

  • Simon - quiet and nerasorem;
  • Claude - good-natured and regretty;
  • Harold - brave and dumpy;
  • Amethyst - proud;
  • Kin - never sits on the spot, active and cheerful;
  • Charlik - loves her caress as a child, especially when he is taken to his arms;
  • Oscar - the faithful companion, a bold defender of his owner;
  • May - has the ability to treat and soothe;
  • Michey - warm and gentle;
  • Dominic - Calm, discreet, often sedentary.

Names with meaning for girls:

  • Babet - Cute, kind, caring;
  • Adeline - Loving affection and attention;
  • Gilda - a little wild;
  • Flora - Funny and cheerful, loves to play;
  • Eve - only one person will obey, with the rest can behave aggressively;
  • Daisy - Guards the house, always ready to notify the owners with loud barks with a potential danger.

In honor of Kumira

Recently, it was not uncommon when the name for a puppy was chosen in honor of the hero of literary works. Nicknames of Avengo, Herald, Austin, Ostap really quite well suited for a taxam.

Now the names of the Heroes of Comics are especially popular:

  • John, Joker, Sleep, Magnito;
  • Jessie, Hulk, Flash, Obelix;
  • MarV, Tick, Lex, Dadpool.

Also, dog breeders are often called puppies in honor of the characters of their favorite TV series:

  • Dexter, Moody, Donald, Mike;
  • Tony, Angelica, Lika, Sarah, Hurrem.

Scenic names, which are also one of the options:

  • Gaga, Madonna, Elvis, Senatera;
  • Alla, Timati, Bach;
  • McCartney, Mozart, Dylan.

Dachshunds have a habit to whine, some dog breeders remind of singing, and they decide to call the entire pet in honor of the beloved artist.

By character and temperament

Despite the breed, each dog has an individual set of qualities and its own temperament, which can be successfully used when choosing nicknames for it.

  • Adam - such a name is suitable for a strong PSU with an inflexible character;
  • Addi - the perfect version for the dog, which often changes the mood;
  • ATOS - An animal does not like to be without people, he likes to be in the center of universal attention;
  • Leopard - such a name is suitable for a large cop;
  • Bill - not always a conspiracy dog, does not tolerate ill-treatment and harsh training;
  • Wolf - Very kind and peaceful person, loves to play with children;
  • Dan - well adapted to learning, usually constantly performing all commands;
  • Icar - inquisitive pet that buses his spout in every angle in search of adventures;
  • Mark - In the role of the owner prefers to see a woman, a smart, assertive;
  • Richard - emotional;
  • Toshka - good, kind;
  • Caesar - Cheerful, loves guests in the house, it gets well with other animals;
  • Aina - It has a balanced character, such a cunning dog and is intelligent;
  • Ariadne - incredibly clean and quiet dog;
  • Greta - spoiled and capricious;
  • Irma - a girl with a complex temper, stubborn, but with proper training can be beautiful to another;
  • Felisa "Calm, loves to eat, touching with rough terms."

Not recommended nickname

Dachshunds are not suitable for long complex nicknames, as well as nicknames consisting of two words. Do not give the dog the name of someone from family members - the dog will be confused and will not understand who they appeal to. Also, the puppy should not be called a simple, first nickname.


In the question of choosing a nickname, you will help the video, submitted below:

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Choose a name for a new family member - the dachshunds - the case is not easy. However, make a decision much easier when there is from what to choose.

Redhead dachshund portrait

Choosing a nickname for a puppy of the taxa is an important occupation. Dachshund is a smart, intelligent hunting dog that will be an excellent companion for you and your family. Clicking for dogs is an inquisitive and cheerful breed must be suitable.

Consider, perhaps your pet himself will give you a hint how to call it. It may be its color or bright character traits. You can also come from the size of your dachshund, it is a standard dachshund, mini dachshund and rabbit dachshund.

Best of all the dachshunds react to names with bell sounds in the first syllable. Dachshund well remembers the first syllable name and is focused on it.

How to call the taku boy

Taxa boys are active dogs, ready to play all day. Clicks for the boy's dachshunds can be interesting, positive and charge you with a good mood.

Beautiful leaks

The most beautiful names for the boy's dachshunds we collected in the list below:

  • Abo, Alpha, Adler, Arlo, Amethyst,
  • Bable, Bimbo, Buddy, Bernard, Bern, Bim,
  • Wald, Venya, Willy, Screw, Walter, Wolf,
  • Gabsi, Gavr, Harry, Gnome, Guy, Heko, Gosh, Green, Gustav,
  • Dick, Jack, Jay, Doc
  • Georges, Zhistien, Jacques,
  • Zeus, Zorro, winter,
  • Cooper, Claus, Kirby,
  • Lucky, Leo, Lucas, Luke, Lime,
  • Mickey, Michi, Marcus, May,
  • Nemo, Nix, Nord,
  • Otis, Oscar, OPI, Onyx, Oliver,
  • Rocky, Rolf, Rudy, Rover, Richard,
  • Sam, Stich, Snoupe, Spice,
  • Teddy, Ted, Trick, Toby, Terry, Thomas,
  • Felix, Franz, Phil.

Dachshund is waiting for the name

Popular nickname

Among the beautiful names can be called some, especially popular with breeders:

  • Archie,
  • Barry
  • Garik, Count,
  • Joker, Deadpool,
  • Casper, Cupcake, Cube,
  • Max, T-shirts, Martin,
  • Richie, Rei, Ricky, Roy,
  • Paki, Porsche, Puffy,
  • Steve, Slash, Svenni,
  • Toby, Tony,
  • Fresh, Fred, Frank, Fox,
  • Chakki, Chuck, Chester, Chip, Chase, Charlie, Choco,
  • Hans,
  • Elviz.

Hunting Like

It is thanks to his funny branch of the dachshund, a great hunting dog. For many decades, the breed was divorced as an unsurpassed hole hunter. You can pay attention to the nicknames for dachshunds, often used for hunting breeds. Short, bright and ringing names do not confuse the PSA on the hunt and give energies in the persecution of production.

Azart, Bib, Bras, Danube, Dick, Drake, Lord, Carat, Chris, Troy, Tom.

Dachshund on the stairs

Clicks in touch

If you want to call your baby in color of his wool, look at the following options.

Owners Strests of black color There are variations from different languages ​​of the world: Black, Karai, Negro, Noir, Preto, Shem, Schwartz, Corner, Onyx.

Red color : Goldi, Ogonok, Ryzhik, Sunny.

For Peskov S. Brown color : Brauni, Chestnut, Moko.

For puppies with light wool Suitable: snowball, marshmallow, frost.

German nicknames for boys

The dachshund breed is bred in Germany, so you can contact the words from the German language in search of the best name.

For example, to use the geographical names of this country:

  • Cologne, Bremen, Kiel, Mers, Ham, Siegen, Rhine.

Or the names of local dishes:

  • Kletka, Strudel, Pretzel, Shhnyush, Bubert, Frank.

Cleaver with a value for a boy's dachshund

  • Adam is an incrementable character.
  • Harold is confident, brave, brave.
  • Addi - often changes the mood.
  • ATOS - loves to be the center of attention.
  • Helmut is funny.
  • Karl is smart, high intelligence.
  • Richard - brave defender.
  • Kurtz is a small dog.
  • Fox - a bold hunter.
  • Oscar is a devoted friend.
  • Mei is a soothing soul and body.
  • Toshka - kind, gentle.
  • Dan - perfectly performs all the commands.

Dachshund rest

How to call a girl

Nickname for dachshunds Girls should emphasize charming and playfulness. The owner of cute face and charming eyes will not leave anyone indifferent, they attract attention and adults, and children.

Beautiful nicknames for dachshund girls

If you are tormented by a question "How to name a girl's dachshund puppies?" Maybe you will find an answer in the list of beautiful names:

  • Alpha, Agatha,
  • Bassey, Bonnie, Bonya, Balla, Betsy,
  • Waldo, Winnie, Vega,
  • Wrench, gera, gita,
  • Daphne, Jen, Dana, Diya, Diva, Dolly, Dotti,
  • Christmas tree, Yosh,
  • Zhuja, Zhesty, Jeannet,
  • Zara, Zeya, Dawn,
  • Irma, Ivi,
  • Oda, Ofelia, Olli,
  • Kandy, Kara, Kira, Cleo, Ketty, Cuba,
  • Lucy, Lady, Lilly,
  • Marsi, Milli, Martha, Meggi,
  • Nora, Nika,
  • Pixie, Piggy, Polly,
  • Rosie, Rada,
  • Stefi, Sarah, Sellie, Sabi, Sophie,
  • Tracy, Tina, Tiksi, Tisch,
  • Mind, Ububa, Umka,
  • Chelsea, Chile, Chita,
  • Chaina, Shelley, Shane,
  • Foxy, Phoebe,
  • Erica, Ella.

Popular nicknames for girls

Often, breeders choose names for the girl's girls who are collected in the list below:

  • Astra, Alka,
  • Gabi, Countess,
  • Becky, Brina, Squirrel, Basya,
  • Woven, Vicky, Vivi,
  • Dunya, reaches, Jessie, Didi, dysia
  • Toffee,
  • Coco, cutlet, cinnamon, horses, blots, knet,
  • Lada, Lila, Lori, Linda, Moon, Lola,
  • Midi, Molly, Mokka, Mimi,
  • Olive,
  • Rosie
  • Sarah, Skyli, Sonya, Stella,
  • Tequila, Tina, Tusya,
  • Flora, FIFA,
  • Cherry
  • Cuckoo
  • Shadi, Shila, Shuga,
  • Halva, Chloe,
  • Elsa.

Names for hunters

Taxi girls show themselves on the hunt. If you want to give your girl a hunting name, it should be ringing, clear and short.

Arrow, bullet, Vega, Rocket, Sprin, Daisy, Nikki, Spark, Osa, Coyk, Chara.

Nickname Dachshunds must match her appearance

German nicknames for girls

Choosing names for dogs of girls, breeders sometimes turn to words from German. Moreover, Germany is the country where they brought the breed. These can be classic names, words-associations, names of the months of the year, German names, German brands, etc.

  • Birgit, Bruna,
  • Wilde
  • Gret, Gerda, Gertruda, Gerti,
  • Jisa, Gina,
  • Zelda, Zendy,
  • Ilma, Irma, Yena,
  • Liss, Lore,
  • Marie, Martha,
  • Chriska, Dumpling,
  • Puma
  • Svenja, Selma,
  • Urim
  • Helga, Helma, Hamm,
  • Emma, ​​Erna.

Nickname with meaning

The choice of name is able to add the individuality of your favorite. Understanding the name of the name of the nurse does not prevent the breeder, on the contrary, can suggest a solution.

  • Alpha - in the first one.
  • Gloria - carrier glory.
  • Greta is a capricious person.
  • Daisy is a good guard.
  • Jula is a real treasure.
  • Aina is calm and intelligent.
  • Gilda - Wildlife.
  • Babette is good-natured and calm.
  • Lizzy - wayward.
  • Lyme - disciplined.

There is a chance that over time the nickname will be reflected on the character and temperament of the dog. Therefore, you should not call the dog too aggressive.

It is the opinion that dogs are often similar to their owners, your inner world will respond to the most suitable name.

If you have children in the house, listen to them, they can know better adults, how to name a puppy dachshunds.

The names are consonant with the teams that you give your pet, do not fit, the dog will confuse the name with the team and mistaken.

Taxa - The famous breed of dogs, preserving its hunting instincts to this day. Despite this, it is not deprived of intelligence and has a kind and cheerful temper. Therefore, animals of this breed are chosen not only hunters, but also just lovers of dogs.

Due to its small sizes, the dachum can be called perfect pet. Of course, the nicking of such an active and inquisitive breed should be suitable. We learn which names for taxes.

How to choose a nickname for the taxes - the basic recommendations

Of course, each owner of the dachshunds is entitled to choose for his pet then the name that considers it necessary. Nevertheless, you can listen to the advice of specialists who are worth taking into account when choosing a nickname.

Dog's recommendations:

  • Dog breed, its appearance and temper must be taken into account when choosing a name;
  • It is desirable that the nickname consisted of two syllables, because the dachshund remembers the first syllable of the name chosen for it;
  • It is better if the first syllable will be there a ringing consonant letter, for example, G, D, Z. from the experience of dog breeders, the taxes are better reacting to such nicknames;
  • If there is a desire to give a pet foreign nickname, then you first need to clarify what it means;
  • The pedigree dog is also taken into account when choosing a name.

Кличка для таксы должна быть красивой и отражать характер собаки

List of names for a boy and girls

Dachshund is a clever and pretty active breed of dogs that can play for hours. Also these animals have a pretty fruit and smart eyes. This means that nickname for pet should be beautiful and fully match the owner.

To size

There are three groups of dogs of the dachshund breed: mini, standard and rabbit dachshunds. Given this feature, you can give preference to a more affectionate name.

The size Boy Girl
middle Big, Grand, Gross, Max Vaks, Pixie, Peppy
small Winnie, Vi, Little, Poor Jew, KNOP, Stefi

Кличку для таксы можно выбрать по цвету шерсти

In color wool

Dog color can also affect the choice of nickname. Pure black colors will be the exception than the rule. Usually, such a color is added red splashes. We learn the most appropriate names for dogs dachshund breed with black wool.

Boy Girl
Ireng, Black, Judas,

Niro, Noir, Feta, Shem,

Musty, Ather, Negro, Stealth,

Schwartz, Preto, Hits, Karai, Form

Alat, Scale, Andera, Giza,

Dark, Duska, Nikta, Blue,

Suam, Knight, Sheny, Lyla,

Tamsi, Finister, Erreta

It is worth knowing! In Russia, the black color dachshum is considered to be married, but, for example, American dog breeders are considered the norm.

Most often you can meet representatives of the dachshund breed, whose wool color is brown or red-black.

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Vito, Chris, Roy, Roby, Brooke, Archie, Jam, Bobby, Pancho, Harry, Diego, Ramon, Hugo, Barney, Maurice, Muscat, Casper, Martin Juna, Tiger, Kayley, Irish, Gardi, Didi, Agira, Gabi, Grande, Nira, Jesse, Crazy, Ivory, Countess, Jesses

It is interesting! Among the dog breeders most spectacular is the dachshund, having red-colored wool. Two-color animals compared to one-year-old peels look more aristocratically.


There are a lot of fun and funny nicknames, which, if desired, can be called your favorite pet.

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Tick ​​So, Pie, Schnitzel, Cactus, Pretzel, Scotch, Twister, Ninja, Tomahawk, Muscat, Hobbit, Tube Kilka, Bun, Iriska, FIFA, Pipa, Tsats, Halva, Olive, Dough, Strip, Bagher, Chord, Gamma, Lipa, Totti, Penelope

It is interesting! Hot dog, which many love so much, was named after the taxa. There is a legend, according to which long sausages stacked in a crunchy bun were called "dachshunds".

Умной таксе нужно выбрать красивое и величественное имя


Since the birthplace of hunting dogs of the dachshund breed is Germany, it is necessary to choose a beautiful nickname that the animal is respected. After all, it is known that the dachshund is distinguished by disapplusion, jealousy and stubbornness. If the chosen name does not like the dog, it can be offended and simply refuse to execute the required commands. To prevent it, you need to give a puppy a majestic name.

Boy Girl
Zeus, John, Karl, Jimmy, Milan, Amethyst, Smart, Otto, Yuki, Hayato Gloria, Irma, Flora, Vicky, Veta, Asa, Nora, Ii, Yuri


Nicknames for dachshunds invented a great set. Taking into account the rich history of this breed of dogs, the choice of nicknames becomes even more. We learn about the most popular zonimes in dogs of the dachshund.

Boy Girl
Barry, Baxter, Gustav, Dandy, Sticker, Roy, Fox, Hans, Chokko, Eddie Gerda, Bonya, Dolly, Jen, Lady, Cleo, Stefi, Rosie, Tracy, Tina, Elsa

With meaning

Everyone knows that the name is able to influence the fate of a person, so, in relation to dogs there is the same principle. First, it is better to get acquainted with the name of the name and after watching a puppy a little, choose the most suitable. We present a few nicknames with a value.

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Fox (Hunter), Thunder (loud dog), smart (smart and intelligent), Schwartz (especially suitable animals with dark color), Kurtz (small size), Watson (Pathfinder), Stretch (straight), Herman (Tax appearance) , Goldi (Golden Dog) Alpha (First), Hell (decoration), Elba (long), Jul (Treasure), Yuna (obedient), Lisa (Schitra), Gilde (wild), Babet (kind), Daisy (guarding the house)

In honor of Kumira

Many dog ​​breeders for puppies choose the names of their favorite heroes of literary works, movies, comics.

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Joker, Magnito, Marv, Sleep, Hulk, Obelix, Deadpool, Lex, Tick, Donald, Dexter, Mike, Elvis, McCartney, Dylan, Mozart, Bach, Timati, Senatera Hurrem, Angelica, Sarah, Lika, Madonna, Gaga, Alla

By character and temperament

Each animal is different in character and temperament, which can be considered by selecting the name to it.

Boy Girl
Adam is the most suitable option for a puppy with a strong character; ADDI - if the dog is subject to frequent change of mood, then this is the most optimal name; ATOS - Give this name a dog that loves to be the center of attention; Bars - for big sizes; Wolf - for Energetic taxis; Mark is suitable for an intelligible dog; Richard - for an emotional animal; Caesar - for a cheerful puppy. Aina is for a calm, but cunning animal; Ariadne - so you can call a quiet clean dog; Greta - for the spoiled dachshunds; Irma is a suitable option for dachshunds with a complex character, which is not amenable to workout; Felisa is a name for a puppy who loves to eat.


Russian names today are very popular. By calling a puppy to our Russian name, the dog breeding acquires a good, intelligent pet. The list of Slavic names is quite extensive.

Boy Girl
Mamai, Kid, Max, Dobrynya, Alex, Don, Dog, Ataman, Danube, Bulat, Dwyan, Huntsman, Balamut, Baron, Young, Evlampius, Badger, Testament, Khan, Phil. Darina, Vlasta, Yid, Alka, Lelia, Fekla, Mlada, Yarina, Bogdan, Vlad, Squirrel, Beauty, Fun, Iva, Spring, Tuchka, Umka, Berry, Seagull, Yula.

Таксу можно назвать немецким именем


Since the breed of Dachshund dogs appeared in Germany, it is quite appropriate to call a pet by the German name.

Boy Girl
Wolf, Bernie, Andi, Dimo, Gunti, Dieter, Jens, Chris, Claus, Pet, Martin, Svenni, Rolly, Uve, Thomas, Torsten, Hannes, Fred, Frank, Helmut. Gerda, Gabi, Birgit, Walter, Gertrude, Ingi, Didi, Krishshi, Krishi, Lizbet, Marie, Mani, Merrt, Matti, Mikhael, Costa, Helma.


If you have a good sense of humor, you can reflect and call the taxi puppy with some funny name.

Boy Girl
Tube, Hippie, Schnitzel, Chaplin, Muscat, Cupcake, Tube, Fruit. Kunya, Lipa, bullet, Iriska, Sparkle, Bun, Sparta, TUTIFRUTI.


Choosing an unusual and original name for a puppy, do not stop the face. Sometimes the dog's nickname can simply cause bewilderment and laughter. You can stop your choice on several creative names.

Boy Girl
Dark, Wuppie, Ricky, Momo, Frank, Sven. Twitty, Roxy, Gabby, Nicky, Dae.

Alphabetically (ah)

Boy Girl
Adonis, Boston, White, Harlem, Demio, Rudy, Zerro, Zerros, Ivis, Kahors, Lotus, Mario, Nectar, Opal, Paul, Radar, Sultan, Timer, Ulan, Flox, Hugo, Tseyce, Chico, Charles, Al, Yucatan, Jacobs. Adeya, Bessie, Vesa, Grace, Diana, Elka, Geneva, Zlata, Irva, Bark, Leda, Marsha, Nast, Ode, Paloma, Ruth, Seth, Tanita, Ussuri, Flora, Heyya, Queen, Chaga, Sherry, Ellie, Jurmala, Yanka.

Кличка таксы должна соответствовать ее внешнему виду

How not to call a dog

There are nicknames that do not call dogs. Here are some tips:

  • The nickname should not be too long, better if it is short, so it will be easier to remember;
  • If all the same I liked a long name, then you can recommend to come up with a simplified form. The first form can be specified in the documents, and at home to call the dog is shorter;
  • No need to call the taxis with human names, it is absolutely not suitable options;
  • The nickname must correspond to the appearance of the dog, for example, the nickname of the gun is not suitable for smooth-haired dachshund or snowball for a black color dog;
  • According to zoologists, the nicknames that begin with the consonant are better perceived by dogs;
  • The name of the dachshund should not be consonant with the main teams, there may be problems here both when remembering the nickname itself and during training;
  • You should not give a dance nickname of the once deceased pet.


Briefly about the main thing

  1. You can choose your nickname to your home pet with your family, because it is really quite busy business.
  2. It is important to take into account all the recommendations of specialists and do not forget that the chosen name may affect the nature of the animal.
  3. In addition, the owner will have to prone nickname for the whole day, which means it should be easily pronounced.
  4. If we take into account all these nuances, then you can easily choose that the nickname that is best suitable for a pet.

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