Rules and methods for removing damage, evil eye, curses

As practice says, it is difficult for a person to realize that his fate he does not lead himself, but something alien, artificially embedded in his field. It is terribly, and disgusting, and implausible, at the same time. But it is. The damage is a terrible evil coming under the inside I. She processes consciousness, not leaving time and space for maneuver. Therefore, so hard with her fight. Personality perceives her as part of himself.

As practice says, it is difficult for a person to realize that his fate he does not lead himself, but something alien, artificially embedded in his field. It is terribly, and disgusting, and implausible, at the same time. But it is. The damage is a terrible evil coming under the inside "I". She processes consciousness, not leaving time and space for maneuver. Therefore, so hard with her fight. Personality perceives her as part of himself.


Aura and damage

Understanding the work of black witchcraft conflict with scientific knowledge about the structure of the human body. The physical body itself does not respond to magical manipulations. For this answers Aura. According to esoteric ideas, the person has not one, but a lot of tel. We only feel physical. The rest are called thin. They are manifested in the energy world.

It is customary to distinguish between the first eight sense of human entities. Each has its own function. Some collects emotions, the other participates in the formation of thoughts, the third is responsible for contact with the highest forces. We do not need details. It is important that the bodies form the energy membrane - aura. Usually the size is measured with an elongated hand.

Each individual is located in the field cocoon. This is his personal aura. She accumulates thoughts, feelings, impressions, experience.

With a witchcraft attack, the following happens:

  1. Evil, envious character forms mentally intention to damage the victim. Energetically, it looks dark busty.
  2. All creatures on the planet are in a state of constant energy exchange. Thanks to this natural mechanism, the clutch moves to the aura of potentially victim.
  3. It is attached to a similar area, if any.
  4. Creates an obstacle to free circulation of energy.

They face not everyone. The bunches are constantly hidden in space. Page them can only in the situation when we create conditions themselves. The evil eye is often striking envious, criticizing immensely, gossiping and so. The damage sticks to those who love to compete, jealous, dissatisfied with their own destiny.

The negative field works in different ways:

  1. Creates traffic jams. Energy ceases to flow. This is realized by oppression of a particular sphere of life: monetary, love, family, and so on.
  2. Intercepts the control of the will. Then they talk about the subtle of the essence. The affected ceases to realize its own goals. The essence dictates the behavior, feelings, thoughts. An example is a black spell.
  3. Inspires certain thoughts programmed by sorcerer.

Important: Negative need to knock out of the field. Spontaneously plug washed out extremely rarely.

Why cleaning does not help everyone

To get rid of the spell, knowledge is needed. The rules of purification are not complex. Around the set (do not believe) people who understand and know. They are not just able to help suffering, but wish it. But they themselves will not go to the victim. It is forbidden. If you do not believe, talk to a rustic grandmother - Language. It is so much interesting enough!

The word "Witch" comes from "to". Of course, it did not originate.

Knowledge such people get over. Grandmothers in a dream dictate how to carry out rituals, which is, and what can not be done. So, for them, the rules for the removal of a witch naval is not a secret. By the way, they do not mind them to share with all those who wish. But initiative appeal is necessary. That is, only those who realized their own misfortune understood, something strange and terrible is going on.

First rule! The work of the soul is needed, a certain analysis of what is happening, which leads to the conclusion about the presence of a black program.

You would be surprised, happen to know how many people do not pass this test.

The basic Law

Experts sometimes refuse customers. And no persuasion helps to reverse their opinion. If the victim of the sorcerer does not hope for success, the person of this was rapidly given, then the success of the ritual is very dubious.

The second rule: it is necessary to be successful, not to give up it. When the damned gives his hands, believes that trouble forever, no magician will be successful.

Amazed more think about the external attributes of rituals. What prayers to read, in what sequence, what to do? That is what interests people working independently. Believe me, it does not matter much. Prayers or conspiracies should cause confidence in the shower.

Epiphany is better to use Orthodox texts, Muslim - Sura, and atheist - spells.

When cleaning is passed, the corresponding egregor is involved in it. It is necessary that in the soul of the neglected there was no confrontation with this force. And this is determined by simply observation of its own reaction. Answer yourself to the question:

How do I relate to Orthodox prayers?

If nothing causes anxiety, use these texts. If in the soul there is a feeling of anxiety, look for others.

When held

Cleansing rites is a measure of urgent help. Save the victim should immediately. Therefore, there are no prohibitions in terms. Conduct it when the need arises. Professionals are focused on such laws of successful cleansing:

  1. Work with energy is better in the morning, until noon. At this time, the victim and reading more strength.
  2. The moon decrease phase is more suitable for deliverance. It is advisable to duplicate the ritual for this period.

Attention: only the evil eye is removed from once. A stronger attack requires long work. The minimum number of sessions is three.

Varieties of cleaning

Magical techniques were developed with emphasis on the general worldview of society. Peoples invented their own ways to purify the energy. Now most techniques are used in all countries. The most popular are:

  • digging eggs;
  • casting wax, lead;
  • the person with prayers, suras in Islam;
  • work salt;
  • Runic betrayal;
  • Returns of conspiracies, black spells.

Methods work equally. Choose suitable, focusing on the conviction of the victim. It is important that the person trust the technique. Otherwise, nothing will come. Dark essence will remain in the field, will continue to harm.

Tip: Slogglaz remove easier. It is subject to water, rituals with matches, with a pendulum.

Cleansing egg

The technique fits believers. Applied by Orthodox and Muslims. Chicken eggs are used in the rite. They should be fresh, as they say alive. If the product was stored in the refrigerator, there will be no sense from it. Life from him left. The ritual is held before sunset, and better - until noon.


  1. Take the egg in the palm.
  2. Read three times "Our Father".
  3. Attach it to forehead. Again prayer three times.
  4. Slide your hand with an egg to the heart area. Repeat the process.
  5. Then attach it to the stomach - triple prayer.
  6. Slide into a jar with water.
  7. Hold it fifteen minutes over your head.
  8. Now look at the result. In the water, your released and remaining troubles are shown.

Deciphering signs.

Return is carried out otherwise. It requires help close. Reliable negative is possible not only with a person, but also from the room, vehicles, things. The method is true, very strong.

Read ...

Casting alone

Fit all affected, regardless of religion. The classic version uses prayer texts. Atheists can replace such a plot. It is even better to mentally concentrate on cleansing your own bodies from black forces.


Removing salt

White crystals are an ideal means of power concentration. They absorb dirt like a good vacuum cleaner. It is on this that all rites with salt applying are based. Their set. We describe classic with a frying pan. He eliminates the negative from the surrounding space: Aura, apartments, houses. Effective to withdraw family, financial damage, love spell.

Go to the appropriate article ...

Rune method

Ancient symbols are a reflection of the eternal forces of the universe. Runes activate the most subtle and powerful laws of space. A person who can manage symbolism has a real magical skill. Runes work with dark entities independently. You just need to make and activate becoming.

Read more ...

IMPORTANT: Destruction of the subflade does not get rid of the spell. Cleaning is needed.

How to understand what to remove

Independent cleansing does not always go smoothly. It is advisable to have an accurate understanding of the process. Signs of successful personnel appear immediately during the period. The main objects include:

  • yawn;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea, diarrhea;
  • sharp increase / decrease in pressure;
  • weakness;
  • drowsiness;
  • Feeling devastation.

Often, such symptoms are considered negative. Everything is exactly the opposite. These are signs of excellent cleaning work. The process is:

  1. The ritual led to the exit of dark education from the field of the victim.
  2. The place was freed.
  3. The forces consistently go to fill the space with clean energies. Hence the weakness drowsiness and other.

Tip: After a cleansing event, it is advisable to sleep.

What happens after

At first, the relationship between the victim and the prevailing remains. Critical consider three days. It is forbidden to communicate, give anything to other people. Precautionary measure is aimed at relieving the probability of the return of the Witchcraft Char.

Gradually goes the process of restoring a full-fledged personality:

  1. Aura is filled with good energy. Circulate streams as it should be.
  2. Energy is projected on the body. The diseases caused by damage are gradually cured by conventional medicines.
  3. The situation at work, at home, in relationships.
  4. Required feels more energetic, workable, creatively active.

Tip: rollback does not automatically occur. To return the black negativity, the author needs a separate ritual.

Methods of protection against the sorcerer

After cleaning, you need to organize defense. You need to understand, the enemy will surely try to return his essence back the victim. He intuitively feels loss. After all, long time replenished the energy for someone else's account. Cooked villain should be stopped. For this, special means are used - charms.

You can buy them, make it yourself. The latter is welcome. Purchase this good protective agent is difficult. Magic is so comaled that it is almost impossible to choose a working talisman without special knowledge.

The second event is the regular diagnosis of the field and space. Black attack is preferably to identify on time. Then the damage will not have time to apply a terrible harm. Diagnostics is carried out by any of the above rituals. Priority is the way with eggs. Decoding results gives a practical one hundred perinitive.

To interpret the wax casting is somewhat more complicated. We have already described the most demanded figures. Go, ask.

The rules of seizure of the negative is an important element of purification. It would be nice to know them all. Tell those nomudrenny truth familiar. Perhaps you will save someone from friends from a difficult situation.

Remove damage yourself, without finding assistance in magical salons, real. Almost any negative effect is removed by rites and prayers. Man in the power to defend himself, but the desire and faith will be required in their abilities.

In the article:

Prayer "Our Father" will save from damage

Prayers Lord. , Virgin и Holy They have a lot of power, the ability to destroy the witchcraft ties and free the victim from the captivity of the thoroughties. Especially power is different " Our Father "

To get rid of the witching effect, you can not go to the healers - it is cleaned with a flub and independently. We describe 2 ways to remove damage prayer.

В First The case performs the ritual of the victim. Church candle slowly spend three times around the body. Then suffers and repeat the text three times. "Our Father" . In the process, carefully follow, where the flame begins to smoke and smoke: in this area, the negative program managed to make a gap in the energy shield. On such sites you need to stay, cross them with a candle three times and whisper:

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When the words are pronounced at each problem area, the rite is carried out again (better result from seven-time repeat). The ritual makes a few days until the candle stops smirming out: it means that damage is removed.

In second case "Our Father" Pronounces a close relative of the patient or the victim itself. Read prayer over the water, which is immediately drinking. Pray icon with the image of a personal saint and ask for health. This is done as sincere as possible, prayer is allowed in their own words. Instead of the icon of his defender, you can turn to the image Nicholas of Painting :

Nikolay, the ward of God, the assistant of God. You are in the field, you and the house, in the way and the road, in heaven and on Earth, implicit and save from any evil.

Repeat the ritual for three days. You can pray to the saint, an unlimited number of times, the more - the better.

Removing the damage to the prayer cross

This method is able to withstand the damage imposed by an experimental black magician. Repeated ritual forty days. The rite will not only remove the superimposed negative program, but will also save the magic attacks for a year. To remove the damage rise at the window with a lit church candle. Looking at the sky, pronounce a prayer seven times:

God will resurrect, and the guise of him will rise, and it beats from his face hate him. Yako disappears smoke, yes will disappear; Yako melt wax from the face of fire, so the demaths will die from the face of those who love God and marked with the congestion, and in the fun of the verbal: rejoice, the precessive and life-giving cross of the Lord. Rock beams by force on you the prison gentlemen of our Jesus Christ, to hell of the devil and corrected the strength of the devil, and who gave us the cross her honest to the defendance of any soup. Oh, the precessive and life-giving Cross of the Lord! Help with the sacred mistress, the girl of Virgin and with all the saints. Amen.

Each reading of the text man autumn himself with a cross sign. Repeated prayer in the morning and before bedtime. After the fulfillment of the rite, no evil force hurts, and the strong damage will be eliminated. It is impossible to miss any day of the ritual, otherwise you have to start again.

How to remove damage yourself by conspiracy

The presented conspiracy is old, used ancestors to help victims of the unchalled and damage. Reads close relative. For ritual it will take yellow Fianitis candle. It is made of natural wax with the addition of mineral fianita, sold in a specialized store or is made independently. As a last resort, the church is taken.

Before the departure to sleep, the patient falls on the bed, and the healer becomes near, holding a lit candle in his hand. Conducting a flame over the body of the patient, not missing a single site, pronounced:

Lord bless. An angel was walking from the throne to the royal gate, in the fence of Hwa, on a steep mountain there is a table. And on the throne there is a mother of the Mother of the Mother of God and holds over the sore (name) sword and a saber. Sword kills, sable excised.

The last sentence is repeated twice, then the text continues:

Put, Lord, the heart in its place, strengthen, stronger the gates, keys in the water. Amen, Amen, Amen. Juccui, chunky, smakuy leave the slave of God (name) from the inside, abdomen, from the shoulders, from the eyes. You won't get good, you will go thin: Saint Yuria will come, the scourge will overtake, the Holygory will come - a spear. And Saint Mikhail Schoy will speak, fire will burn, the ashes of your white light will spread. Mother Most Holy Mother of God, seven-Straightened, making it up with his seven stans and cut off his four bouquet knives in the servant of God (name) all the pain, all the grief, the trim, capes, clamps, networks, kilas, female, cheese, dismaintrate, headache, insomnia, monsterness, All pain. All sorrow, sadness, longing, sadness uy. Mother of the Most Holy Mother of God with all saints forever. Amen, Amen, Amen.

After a conspiracy, you need to take a little vessel with a holy water, draw three crosses on it and give a sacrifice. Conduct such a rite to remove damage no more than three times. To eliminate not strong curses just once.

Remove damage at home gray and wax

Verified assistants in eliminating damage - wax and matches. The latter contain sulfur, which is famous for its anti-domestic properties. You will need:

  • 12 matches;
  • candle;
  • two small containers (for example, covers from cans);
  • knife.

A knife is pre-separated sulfur from matches and folds into a small container. Candle is set on and on the contrary. The remaining matches without sulfur are cleaned into another container and burn, pronouncing the text:

Lord My God, Mochni with me, your slave of God (your name), 12 Tishin, 12 stones, 12 ailments, 12 bone, fat, residential, breaking and semi-costess. Castles and key - in the water, fire - in a high mountain. In glory to you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Speak matches to the sulfur and give them to burn. The packaging is flooded with wax from the burning candle and is carried out on the deserted intersection of roads, without pulling out the contents from the tank. Leave the bank there with the words:

That is forever removed that it is embarrassed. Without a return. True.

Rudeness of Salt and Ladan

рассыпана сольRitual is done in full moon or on a decreasing moon. You can remove damage both yourself and another person. Ritains for removal of damage salt have always differed in performance.

Salt from the new packaging is split in the pan: it is not bad to have consecrated, but enough and sprinkle with holy water pack. The salt stored in the house is not suitable for cleansing. When the salt fools well, they say:

Salt sacred, salt consecrated, take all the nastiness from the slave of God (name) and give on the current water to the island of Buyan to the sea - okayne.

The product is cut into a small container and put in front of the patient. The image is put in burning incense, and from two sides of the salt there are 2 yellow fianitic candles (if there are no church). Leave everything as it is until the candles are completely burned. The rite is repeated from one to five times, depending on the strength of the negative program.

Water conspiracy

Clean the induced negative can be cleaned with the help of conspired water. Pick up a complete bucket of running water and whisper:

Ravering me, the servant of God (the name of the victim), from the eyelid, two-shoes, one-eyed, two-chapted, triplelase, from one-to-to-cut, double, trident, from the simplicity, two-band, tealus. From his eyes, from his thought, from the oncoming, transverse, vehicle, from all the damned: from idle, young, blind, curves, stray-axes and old.

It is better to carry a bucket with a conspired liquid into the street and completely get water from the top of the top. In urban conditions, it is possible to lure at home, in the bathroom. If the health status is taken, take cool water.

Signs of successful damage

To understand that the rite has been successful and the witchcraft is eliminated, simply. Attention on the behavior of the victim during the ritual. When the damage comes out of the person, the well-being sharply deteriorates: it is normal, the body struggles with magic influence, as if with a virus, and the fight takes a lot of strength.

Other signs of removal from the victim:

  • unreasonable crying or laughter;
  • dizziness during cleaning against negative;
  • Problems with the stomach or intestines;
  • drowsiness, irritability, apathy;
  • The body temperature is slightly rises;
  • There is insomnia or nightmares.

Symptoms can manifest itself for 3-7 days from the date of the rite of damage to damage, depending on the power of witchcraft. The disappearance of the evil eye can go unnoticed at all.

If an egg or wax is used to eliminate the negative, pay attention to the drawings that appear on them. While there will be zigzags, capes, bubbles and other images, you need to repeat the clarification rites. As soon as foreign images disappear, and the wax or egg will be clean, it is evidence that damage is successfully removed.

Another faithful sign of the flow rate: improvement of well-being, restoring harmony in all areas, with a parallel appearance of similar problems with one of the friends or colleagues. Most likely, the damage brought the person who became bad: the deed returned. This is possible if the magician not secured from rollback.

In contact with




The damage is very dangerous, and if you do not remove it on time, then the human life can be completely destroyed. There are 5 effective ways to help get rid of constant problems, turmoil and other difficulties caused by damage.

The damage carries chaos. The failures are attacking, and this is provided that it was largely lucky to man. Household appliances break one by one. The households quarrel due to the smallest detail, pets are beginning to hurt, and the flowers are whatever. This does not mean that the damage is made to the house: it can be induced by a person who later begins to distribute the negative. It is necessary to quickly take self-help measures: to hold a rite to the removal of damage and be sure to put energy protection. Experts collected for you the 5 most effective ways to help reflect attacks of unfriendliers.

Diagnosis of damage

Sometimes even closely capable or from evil, or because of the black envy cause harm. Word said in anger, abandoned angry glance, special love spells and rituals - all this can turn the damage.

Initially ask a person who is entirely trusted, to identify signs of damage with the help of a candle. Diagnostics will not take much time. The trusted person you need to just get around you with a burning candle clockwise. Bypassing is better to do slowly, lingering at the level of the nape, chest, belly, legs. Total - 4 circles with a delay in each area.

If you are damaged, the candle will give you to know. She will crack, flow black smoke, shoot wax, sparkle. The flame will be uneven and restless. And if the signs of damage are present, it's time to proceed to its removal.


How to get rid of damage

Method number 1 - rolling out a chicken egg. This is ambulance, after which it is still worth carrying out energy cleaning. The way helps to remove negative consequences, but not destroy damage. The situation can improve, but if you do not strengthen your biofield, do not put powerful protection, then the negative will again give yourself to know.

Rolling the damage is carried out at 10-15 sessions, but the most important is the first three. The ritual is carried out on a decreasing moon: descending, she takes the whole negative. The best time for holding - Morning. You need a real chicken egg (not from the store) white and necessarily fresh. Before starting the egg it is necessary to wash under running water.

On the table are set in the house icons and a pair of church candles. It is advisable to ask for a close person to help with ritual. The task of the assistant is to roll an egg from the top of the ankle, accompanying the actions with reading the prayer of "Father our". Rolling lasts from 7 to 15 minutes. At the end of the egg is broken into the water container. If it remains the whole - everything went successfully, if the yolk spreads - the ritual should be repeated. You can also roll the egg in your own photo.

Method number 2 - Cleansing the candle. To remove the damage, many practices advise led around them a lit church candle. Time: from 10 to 15 minutes. Prayer "Our Father" in this case is a prerequisite condition. Candle will not only clean, but also protection against recurrence.

Method number 3 - removal of damage to salt. Salt is the best assistant when it comes to the removal of damage. But just do not take salt, which costs you at home, but buy a new one. Do not take the delivery in the store. Salt need to fall asleep in a lamp with a church candle. While the candle burns, you should read any famous prayer from enemies. After the knot candle, look, changed the salt color or not: what she is black, the more negative gone. Cleaning is repeated until the salt remains white.

Method number 4 - burning spickers. In turns with water, you need to throw 9 burning matches. The first match is set on fire from the candle, each new one - from the previous one. The vertical position of at least one match indicates the presence of damage. Diagnostics need to be carried out every time before the start of the ritual so as not to waste the forces.

If there is a damage, then 12 matches come out and the church candle is lit. It is necessary to cut the matchheads with gray, fold them into a monophonic container and set fire to the flame of the candle. Match without heads unfold around the candle and read conspiracy: "Squeeze with me 12 curses, 12 tests, 12 problems. The key and the castle in the water. Removed what is embarrassed, without refund " . After that, with your left hand, it is necessary to raise matches alternately, set fire from the candle and fold into the container to the burnt heads. The ash is thrown away.

Method No. 5 - Salvation Prayer. In Christianity, the pointing of damage is considered to appeal to the tempter. This is a terrible sin. The clergymen advise to escape from damage to the visit to the Church and prayers facing Jesus Christ. The most important thing is to withstand a seven-day strict post.

Do not forget that there are many embittered and disappointed people in the world. They can hide it for the mask of hypocrisy, but this will not change the situation. If next to someone is uncomfortable, it is not worth continuing. And if it is impossible, ways to restore the strength and energy after unpleasant communication will come to the rescue. Enjoy yourself good people

The evil eye and damage to how to determine who did and how to remove - in this article I will tell about this in detail. I will tell you how to find out who brought damage on you. And let you give you the 14 most effective method of protection against damage.


What is damage and evil eye with simple words?

In this article you will learn:

Schalz and damage How to determine who did and how to remove? The evil eye, damage, curse with simple words is negative, destructive energy or program. A kind of virus, as in the computer. Finding, penetrating into human biofield, this program begins to destroy a person.

In other words, the evil eye, curse, damage is the invasion of the human energy-information field. It happens that similar negative programs. A person carries and transmits from generation to generation.

What is evil eye?

The evil eye is one of the easiest types of negative energy. The evil eye is quite easy to recognize and is not very difficult to eliminate, remove, as a rule. From practice, I will say that there are different cases. Sometimes the evil eye is seriously removed. Most often it happens when the situation is running and the negative program of the evil eye revealed to the fullest.

Sometimes the evil eye has time to harm not only the health, the psyche of a person, and and to have a destructive impact on such areas of life as work, financial situation, family relationships.


What is damage?

The damage is a very difficult type of negative. Damage happens:

  1. For loneliness
  2. Or death
  3. To abused man alcohol
  4. For the destruction of the family
  5. Money to not be wound more precisely on lack of money

I see damage as heavier, more complicated by its structure, than the evil eye. It is more viscous, sticky, more dense. It is harder to remove, dance from man. Remember that the evil eye, damage and curse it is a negative energy and a non-shouting plan from damage visually differs in structure.

In the life of the usual, in the world is apparent, the person feels the evil eye and damage is also different. The damage is more destructive, more dangerous, more terrible if it can be expressed.

The evil eye and damage to how to determine who did and how to remove. INFLUATING CONTRACTS FREE Instant. Only yesterday everything was in life well and wonderful. Only yesterday the case went uphill, business bloomed. In the family, the joy, children are healthy, and then Batz, damage, and everything flies under the slope. In fact, destruction often go in all spheres of life. And in the family there are problems in the form of scandals, misunderstandings. Native people cease to hear. With money covered problems, they go through the fingers go. And sometimes they do not go at all. As if someone turned off and blocked the financial flow.

With a damage, the jokes are bad and disbelief in thin matter or ignorance sometimes lead to very sad consequences.

It happens too late - do not joke with a damage

The evil eye and damage to how to determine who did and how to remove? It happens that I am addressed when you already help it is impossible to man. After all, damage is also reflected on the physical human health. It often serves as incurable tools, such as cancer, for example.

In addition, damage can be divorced in the family. To ensure that a woman or a couple does not have children under any circumstances. For good work or business, and sometimes on domestic animals and bird. It is suggested on the disease. On loved ones and even most valuable, which is in this life - for children.

Generic curse

Generic curses are also the type of negative energy, the program, only it is transmitted by the genus from generation generation.

Often are transmitted on one line, or female, or male and are a heavy type of negative. Here much depends on the wizard, whether it will be able to determine correctly, on whose line it is transmitted.


It is worth noting that the male generic curse is always in a worstimate form and sometimes ends for a man unnatural death or suicide.

The evil eye and damage to how to determine who did and how to remove? If you see the line of unnatural death, suicides, do not pull, time works against you. Order Diagnostics by photo, learn whether there is a shragling, damage, for you.

With the help of diagnostics in the photo, you will also learn exactly how you solve your problems and get rid of negative programs.

  1. Correct the circle of communication correctly. It is enough to be easily inspired by imaginary person to acquire the evil eye. Want to avoid this - do not communicate and do not hold the people next to your people who envy you, as envy often is the source of the evil eye.
  2. Wear a pin fastened in the right way. There is such a folk wisdom that you need to wear a pin with you, then no one will smooth you.

The pin will help from the evil

Pins need to be fastened only head down. And it needs to be attached so that it is hidden from prying eyes. It is best to fasten it into the inner pocket or on the outstanding of clothes. Do it imperceptibly and carefully, so that it does not unbutton in any way and you are not injected.

Be careful with the pins when attaching them to children. Children pins better use small size.

3. Live on conscience and in Lada with nature. Heare to hear your inner voice, he will always tell me how to do.

4. Treat people the way you want to treat you. In Soviet times, we were taught in school and these values, wisdom are relevant and now.

5. Do with the other way so you want to come to you. It would seem that it could be easier? But you need to make an effort sometimes, so as not to be collapsed from the true path and do not take care of the sake of momentary benefit.

6. Live in truth. Anytime and anywhere. Be honest, otherwise, there will be a payback.

Conscience no one canceled

7. Do not do, do not deceive. I carried it in a separate item specifically to emphasize your attention. Now there are so many lies and deception that people are sometimes accustomed and do not understand the importance of living in truth.

8. Engage in the development of the person. Everyone will invest his understanding in this item and this is true. After all, Cesare Kesarevo, you know me.

9. Lighten spiritual practices that are suitable for you to purify. There are many practices, methods, ways to help themselves from negative on time. Learn to many, then choose your own and use.

10. Wash more often. Yes, wash your hands we wash not only dirt, but also negative information.

11. Wake up, Bathing with your head as come from the cemetery and public, crowded places. You need to do it right away as soon as you cross the threshold of the house. First, the shower, then the family, children. This will protect your loved ones from negative, diseases.

Important, you need to wash your head. So that the information from the spring, the ducky also cleared.

12. Learn to think positively. The whole art, but it can be mastered, would be the desire and understanding of the importance of this event.

13. Do not discuss people. Do not condemn and do not gossip.

14. Do not watch TV))) Through it you get the energy trash and thereby go down to yourself.

How to find out if there is a damage, evil eye, curse, test

We have already discussed that damage, the evil eye, the curse is a negative energy or in other words, a destructive program that acts at different levels. She can destroy health, personal life, relationship, family, finance.

Consequently, to find out if there is a damage, the evil eye or the curse you need soberly to appreciate your life. How to determine the damage to check? This is a kind of test. A mini test, which will help you determine the damage or other negative, alien impact.

Take a handle and sheet of paper. Be honest with you, answering questions. The first response to the questions is the right, and write it onto a sheet of paper.

Short test definition

So. Answer only yes or no.


1. Take a look at yourself and ask yourself the following questions.

a) Are you successful in affairs, finance, business?

B) Do you have prosperity in life in everything?

C) There are love and excellent relations?

d) Are you completely healthy and feel a tide?

e) Energy hits the key, you want to create, develop?

2. Look at yourself. Now ask yourself the following questions.

a) Do you really think that something is wrong in life?

b) You really think that you do not have enough of happiness for completeness?

c) you really want changes in life, because now it's not really you, how would you play someone's role?

We learn the results, is there damage?

If in the first case on most questions you answered "no", and in the second case more "yes", then you definitely have 100% negative programs in the energy sector. What kind of programs, damage, evil eye, curse, you need to watch individually in each case.

We and we came to this world to be happy, rejoice in every day, every lived moment. To create, create, be healthy and energetic and if you are not so now in life, then you need to urgently beat the bell.

Delay fraught. Everything is simple and logical here. The longer a person has a destructive habit, the harder it is to refuse it. The farther the forest came, the longer it is to get out of it. Obvious things.


Schalz and damage How to determine who did and how to remove? To determine the evil eye, damage, curses I conduct diagnostics by photo. There will be a desire to do it, write in [email protected]

I immediately say, for the sake of interest, there is nothing to do or "just so" - do not write. I am a very busy person and take only those who are ready to read the truth. Who wants to work on yourself, change and build life in a new way. I do not work for free, respectively, I do not have free diagnostics.

Schalz and damage How to determine who did and how to remove?

How to remove damage, the evil eye or the crown of celibacy, the seal of loneliness, the curse is depends on the reason for which this very evil eye, damage, the curse appeared in a person in life. I highlight the main two ways, how to remove damage and evil eye or curse and there are already branching.

  1. Contact a specialist for help. We are customary to contact the grandmother, to the healer, MAG. I do similar things helping people and I have my own help system.
  2. You can remove damage from yourself on your own at home. But most often lacking knowledge, skills and skills to go through this path. When a person has a problem, and damage, the evil eye, the curses are expressed in problems, nonpects, then a person is difficult to help himself. Lacks sometimes just forces, my hands do not reach yourself, and in the meantime the situation will only worsen. Secrets Texts, Praying Praying Prayers Take here // / WebForms / Landing / Z5B4S0

How to find out who brought damage

The evil eye and damage how to determine who did and how to remove? Sometimes for the damage, there is someone, a particular person. It happens, so to speak, the customer who appealed to the sorcerer or the MAG to make damage. Sometimes people themselves "wonder", damage damage. Then the photo of a person will burn, then in the cemetery, the personal thing will bury.


But it is not necessary to have a negative program from outside, there must be a customer. By the way, for many it will be news, but this is the truth of life. It happens that the person hesitates himself, hees himself and thereby spoils himself. Creates a p-o-district.

Some of my clients in consultations say "I do not deserve a prestigious work", "this is not for me, it is too expensive" or "We have in our family without men." Similar installations, they are internal programs, develop into destructive programs that prevent person to move and develop in life. Thus, these programs spoil a person. Apply damage to him.

How to find out who made damage

The evil eye and damage how to determine who did and how to remove? So that the information was accurate, correct, it is best to order diagnostics by photo. I will tell you from where a negative program came to you, who envies you or who smoothed. I will tell about past events in your life. I will tell you what you need to get rid of damage as quickly as possible. Protection will put a strong, so that no one has broken you in the future.

What to do if they cause damage, evil eye, curse?


  1. Contact a specialist to make the master to accurately determine the nuances of this negative, as damage is removed often as well as it looks. I draw diagnostics in the photo exactly tell me what you have and what. If necessary, I will tell you the best option from the situation. Do not worry, everything is solved.
  2. For pious Christians, you can go to church, pray, repent. Often visiting the Church, communities and repentance rites do not help with damages.
  3. You can make a casting wax. About wax I wrote in detail in this article //
  4. You can climb yourself with eggs. About how to rolling out myself with an egg I wrote here //
  5. You can pump your energy with the help of certain practices and thus restore the integrity of the energy cocoon.

Professional is better than a dealetant

Schalz and damage How to determine who did and how to remove? I am a supporter that everyone engaged in his work and therefore, with the problems of the energy plan, when there is a evil eye, damage, curse or there are suspicion of this, then it is best to contact a specialist in this area.

The logical to approach the problem is comprehensively to the problem. Contact a specialist and use wax if necessary, pull out the egg, if necessary. Resort to rites if the situation requires. I created your own help system to people. It includes only the best and powerful methods. According to the link detail // Manoiloksana.Ru / Pomoshh-Celitelya /

Protection against damage, evil eye, curses

The best protection against damage, curses and evil challenges is to live on conscience and in Lada with nature. Now the majority will say "so I don't do anything bad anyone. Why should I ...? " I ask you, be honest with you at least. Tell me put your hand on the heart, are you in anger, are angry? It happens that you are telling the wrongness, even if in good goals? We noticed, just honestly answer yourself that you thought badly?

What does this say to someone? Despite the fact that everything that we do is what we think, for this all of us and pay and pay in the form of all the same damage, glazes and curses.

Short video for a deep understanding of the question. Theses and with schemes I explain in it what and what.


Protection against damage and evil eye yourself

The best protection, and you can do it quite yourself - contain your energy in proper high condition. It is powerful, clean.

Create an impeccable energy field around you, with your thoughts, actions, spiritual practices. This will allow you to not destroy yourself, and so that no one can hurt anything on you.


The stronger, more powerful, even, you yourself, the less vulnerable.

And the more evil, negative, envious, are dissatisfied with themselves, scandals, the more chances you have been smoothed, caused damage and cursed.

Sloga protection independently 5 steps

  1. Control your thoughts. They must be more positive for the beginning than negative. Ideally, you just need to learn only positively.
  2. Do only good deeds.
  3. Smile, sincerely and as much as possible.
  4. Learn to "merge" a negative benevolent, eco. There are special practices, they teach them on the course.
  5. Go to the bath. The bath is miraculously burning the body of the body. Restores it and destroys most negative programs.

The faith is powerful protection

In addition, it is possible to start the charm, so that protects against all the foreign onwards. But here you need to approach the question to the question. The theme of the faces is not yet appreciated. Often, people think that by purchasing some item and having attacked themselves, they are already protected. In fact, the charm needs to be created specifically for each person. And prescribe an energy program for the subject individually. Only in this case it will be real defense. About the charms wrote in more detail here //

Do not despair and fear if you have problems in life. Pulling, the evil eye, the curse can be correctly removed and put strong protection, the main thing is not to delay and turn to a specialist in time.

The evil eye and damage to how to determine who did and how to remove- I outlined in detail in this article. I think the article will be useful.

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